Four Signs That Your Brisbane Business Needs to Change SEO Firm

Situated in the eastern portion of Australia, Brisbane is Queensland’s capital and the most populous metropolis in the state. Apart from attracting millions of local and international travellers every year, the city is also a haven for couples who intend to start a family. Brisbane offers numerous employment opportunities, top-notch schools, sunny weather, and a balance of the best of both urban and rural life.

The River City is also home to nearly 130,000 businesses because of its conducive economic climate. Suppose if your venture is located in the area, you have an excellent chance of surviving and flourishing for as long as you make sound business decisions like pitching in the right SEO services company in Brisbane. 

Perhaps you have been googling “SEO Brisbane” for some time to find a more reliable SEO firm to replace your current partner, but you are still unsure if it is the right call. To help you decide, consider the following signs that it is time to make a switch:

Nothing is Happening

While it will take at least a couple of months to see noteworthy SEO results, it does not mean that you have to wait for that long to see some outputs. Since you are investing serious dollars, your SEO partner should continuously update you on what they are doing to achieve your goals.

For instance, the SEO firm should review your existing website to assess whether it looks professional and delivers the right message to your target audience, among others. These are key elements that must be corrected as soon as possible. The SEO company should also provide you with articles published on other websites with links to your current site in the first few weeks. 

Ultimately, you cannot let weeks pass by without the SEO agency providing you with tangible evidence that they are working. While you cannot compel them to improve your rankings in a few weeks, you have the right, as a client, to demand specific deliverables to show that the SEO firm is making progress. Consider it a wake-up call if the company fails to provide you with regular reports or updates on what they are working on. 

They Work in Isolation

A reputable SEO firm will work closely with you. They will spend a great deal of time interviewing you to learn more about your company. From the type of service or products you provide to your target customers and competitors, a reliable SEO agency will exert effort to know everything they can about the nature of your business.  After all, they can only strategize and determine the ideal SEO approach with the right information.

Be wary if your SEO partner is not asking you anything about the company and if they are overly confident about providing excellent results without your help. Chances are they are carrying out harmful and dishonest actions  that could potentially hurt your company’s reputation.

They Cannot Explain What They Are Doing

Have you asked your SEO partner to apprise you of what exactly they are doing? If you did and they answered vaguely, in general terms, or in words that you do not understand, you have every right to be suspicious.

Try asking them again in words that you can readily understand. Should they continue to evade your request or answer abstractly, it is best to let them go as soon as possible.

Note that a respectable and trustworthy SEO agency will share their strategies enthusiastically because they are confident in what they are doing. They also know how to explain abstract concepts in words that you will understand because they have a clear grasp of the job. 

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They Do Not Give Advice

Remember that you are hiring an SEO firm primarily for their expertise. A significant part of their job is to tell you the right way of doing things. They offer recommendations that will help achieve your goals.  

Trustworthy SEO agencies will beef up your SEO capability in the process. They will ensure that you are involved in the project because they know that you have an important role to play in the success of the venture. 

If your current SEO firm is not asking you to change certain things or give you tips to optimize your site, it is a warning sign that they are up to no good. Either they are not productive, or they are doing something suspicious to get some results.
If one or more of the signs mentioned above is true to your situation, it is best to terminate your existing contract and find a truly reputable company that offers SEO in Brisbane. Given the importance of SEO in your business success, you cannot just let any SEO firm work for you. Be more discriminating in your choice so that you can find an agency with experience and capability to deliver their promises.

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