Run Efficiently with a Warehouse Management System (WMS)

A company in Malaysia is offering a Warehouse Management System (WMS) that is entirely cloud-based. This means that your company doesn’t have to invest in expensive and space-consuming IT infrastructure and instead can focus all your efforts on improving your operations.

With the gradual shift to a digital business model over the last few years, more and more warehouses are noticing that their warehousing operations are buckling under the strain of increased movement and orders or were not set up well enough in the first place. 

Even if experts set up your warehouse, it wasn’t designed to handle the increased speed of order processing, not to mention integration with an online eCommerce system. And with the emphasis on turning to market products through the big players in Asian online marketing like Lazada, Shopee, Zalora, WooCommerce, and Shopify, your warehouse has to respond to the demand, or your customers will look elsewhere for fast, dependable order fulfillment. 

Speed and Integration are the New Goals in Warehousing

The growth of these online marketing giants and the change to an online ordering and delivery business dynamic has put extraordinary pressure on every aspect of warehouse operations.

With the COVID-19 pandemic proving the value of ordering online from home for convenient delivery, the business is only going to keep growing. From shipping and receiving to efficient warehouse design to inventory tracking and controlling out-of-stocks, to integrating with online ordering and payment systems, every facet of warehousing has had to be stepped up to deal efficiently with the increasing demand. And that demand will only keep increasing. 

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Your warehouse needs to have the tools to provide the speed and integration to handle this “new normal” of warehouse operations. 

PayRecon Malaysia Provides the Tools You Need

PayRecon Malaysia has all the online tools to help you improve your warehouse operations and make your business compete with the best. And your company won’t have to invest heavily in any IT infrastructure because it’s all cloud-based. 

The PayRecon Malaysia WMS modules are designed to help you with all the facets of warehousing. Their WMS is also modular, so you can add additional functions only when you need them. 

If you’re launching a new facility, the PayRecon WMS has a warehouse design module that can help you design the most efficient floorplan and workflow for your new facility. 

If you’re bringing an existing facility up to meet the challenges of the new digital marketplace, the PayRecon WMS can fill all the holes in your operational structure and increase the overall speed and efficiency of your warehouse management and operations. 

PayRecon Malaysia also offers continuous support and education to the managers in charge of your operations through the events, online tutorials, and articles it has among its resources. 

Please find out more about the PayRecon Malaysia WMS by visiting their website and signing up absolutely free for a tutorial on a WMS module that captures your particular interest.

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