Water Filter Facts: How Filtered Water Can Help Improve Your Health?

Human beings need water to survive, as we are only made up of 70% water in our cell membranes. Water plays a vital role in sustaining life on earth, and without proper hydration, our health will be affected. We rely on water for so many things, from bathing and cleaning to drinking and cooking.

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But it is very important that we drink pure and clean water as untreated and impure water can make us sick and even be fatal at times.

Filtered water comes from advanced water technology that makes the water suitable for drinking and for other purposes. Good quality water filtration systems make standard tap water free of contamination and fit for consumption and can improve overall health. Although high-quality water filtration systems can be a little costly, there are many discount water filters: refrigerator water filters that make healthy, drinkable water accessible and easy to use.

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Contaminants in Water and Their Sources

Many harmful contaminants are found in unfiltered water, like arsenic, aluminum, chlorine, fluoride, and lead. These toxic pollutants can cause lifelong health conditions like Alzheimer’s and cause nervous system damage, impaired hearing, learning disabilities, and impaired cell functioning. 

There are many common sources of contaminants in drinking water like sewage overflows and spills, naturally occurring contaminants of the environment like uranium and arsenic, and malfunctions of water treatment systems due to broken equipment or operation errors.

How Filtered Tap Water Can Improve Our Overall Health

1. Filtered Water is Healthy 

By removing impurities and dangerous contamination like chlorine and lead, high-quality water filtration systems can ensure good health for your family. Although the government regulates the quality of tap water, they might not be testing for every single contaminant in water. Even though water treatment facilities treat water, there are many ways the supplied water can pick up contaminants on its way to your home. Hence, by installing a water filter at your home, you will be significantly reducing the risk of drinking contaminated water.

2. It tastes and Smells Better 

Once in a while, you might notice that your tap water is emanating a certain kind of odor. The range of chemicals that water gets exposed to can affect it and give it an unpalatable taste and smell, which are almost always unfit for human consumption. Water filters improve the overall smell and taste of your tap water by reducing chlorine and other chemicals that contribute to the bad taste and smell. The refreshing and enhanced flavor of filtered water results in higher satisfaction, and peace of mind when drinking the safe filtered water.

3. Removes Heavy Metals 

There are many heavy metals contaminants in tap water. Dioxins, arsenic, lead, and mercury is found in water supplies across the globe. Although they are found in small quantities, these contaminants when consumed through unfiltered water can pose a potential health hazard over time. For instance, according to research, there is a striking link between the development of autism in unborn kids due to postnatal lead toxicity that occurs from drinking unsafe water. Similarly, there are many reproductive issues and prostate problems found in men due to lead exposure to unfiltered water.

4. Improves Digestion 

The enhanced mineral content of filtered water can improve your digestion over time. Filtered water enables the transport of minerals and important nutrients throughout the human body and keeps it properly hydrated.

5. Reduction of Acid Reflux 

Alkaline found in unfiltered water can cause acid reflux or heartburn as it alters the pH level of drinking water. Filtered water helps to neutralize the acidic build-up that is mainly responsible for this uncomfortable sensation in the esophagus.

6. Improves Skin 

Having clear skin is everyone’s dream and drinking plenty of filtered water is the easiest way to attain it. The improved mineral content of filtered water can hydrate your skin and flush out harmful toxins from your body more effectively. Also, filtered water is free of chlorine which is primarily responsible for depleting the natural oils of your skin and hair.

It is very important to get your drinking water tested for quality and check if there is any contaminant lurking in your water supply. Filtered water coming out of a good quality filtration system can keep these contaminants at bay and enable you to keep the health of your family intact.

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