How Much Does an Engraved Plaque Cost

Whether a small firm or a large organization, everywhere, the employees want their work to be appreciated, whether by receiving awards or through the employee recognition program, therefore, it is the duty of every organization to appreciate their employees for their good work from time to time. This will encourage them to work more diligently.

There are many ways to appreciate employees, but the best way is to appreciate their work by awarding them, but the question arises, which type of award should be given to the employees certificate, plaque or momento? The best way is to honour your employee by giving them plaque. Because plaque is attractive in appearance therefore, your employees would be happy to receive it. The plaques are easily available in online store. You can choose the best award plaques online according to your choice.

The cost of the engraved plaque varies according to the size and type of the engraved plate paired with the plaque that you wish to purchase. The sort of wood from which the plaque is made is often taken into consideration while estimating the price.

Therefore, if you want to buy the cheapest plaque, then I would recommend you to buy a plaque that is smallest in size made out of men-made wood with a plastic etched plate. Although you can’t add more words to such type of plaque. The price of the custom made plaque could be under $10 to $100. However, such type of plaque is very attractive in appearance.

Add the Printed Colour Plaque.

If your company is associated with outdoor activities, then the best choice for you is to purchase this type of plaque. In such type of plaque, the etching is done on the layers of the plaque. The wood-burned effect gives an elegant look to the plaque. So that when you gift that plaque to someone than they would love to receive it and can display it in their drawing room.

Standard carved plaques

Standard carved plaque is the most costly plaque. Therefore, If you want to purchase a custom carved plaque, the safest choice is to buy a standard carved plaque. A brass plate is painted in black colour along with the corners that are trimmed. In order to illuminate the brass-coloured letters on a dark background. The coating is extracted by a laser.

To bring an elegant look to your plaque, the custom engraved brass plate is paired with a wood plaque. Custom engraved plaques will cost from $30 to $100, price may be varying according to the size of the plaque and the consistency of the wood.

Add images of floating acrylic plaque.

Floating glass or acrylic plaque is a very costly custom etched plaque. These plaques are comprising of a laser-engraved frame made up of acrylic or glass. The solid wood plaque finished with a transparent plate looks very attractive, with a range of up to $100 per plaque.

Final Thought

If you are looking to purchase a custom etched plaque, then you must know that there is no fixed price for etching the plaques, different engravers offers different prices. However, you can purchase a custom engraved plaque that is easily available on the market according to your need. Although the price can be differ based on the scale, resources and the engraving method used. Therefore before purchasing a plaque carefully think that for what purpose you require a plaque and which type of plaques will fits for your need.

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