How to Make a Good Cricket Team on Fantasy Cricket Apps?

Fantasy cricket has become one of the most discussed topics, not only for the Indian audience but for the cricket fans based in different corners of the world. The fantasy cricket apps offer you a plethora of opportunities to try different tournaments, create a cricket team, and place bets on your favorite players. Put simply, fantasy cricket is all about creating a team of 11 players and earning reward points on the basis of the selected players’ performances in the match.

Playing fantasy cricket isn’t about choosing the players who are in form and making guesses. If you really want to play fantasy cricket and win real cash, you need to focus on building a good team. The following are a few effective fantasy cricket tips you must keep in mind when building a fantasy cricket team.

1. Choose Player According to their Current Form

Just because the player performed exceptionally well in the previous season doesn’t mean they will deliver the same level of performance in the current season as well. You must wait for the first few matches to see how well each player is performing and who is in good form. You will get rewards based on the one-off match, and not the player’s career record. So, it’s important that you choose players that are currently in good form.

2. Consider the Pitch and Weather

One of the reasons why players fail to build the right fantasy cricket team is their lack of attention towards the pitch condition and weather. For example, spinners are highly recommended for the matches conducted at noon and on a dry pitch. If it’s a green turf, like the Wankhede Stadium, you should consider adding pacers and swing bowlers to your team.

3. The best Top-order Batsmen

The success of your fantasy cricket team depends mainly on the combination of the bowlers, batsmen, wicket-keepers, and all-rounders you add to the team. However, the teams with the best top-order batsmen are mostly the ones that win. Having the right top-order batting line is super important in the T20 format.

The score of your team will be decided by the first few batsmen, as these are the players that will face the maximum number of deliveries. The chances of the first three batsmen scoring the maximum runs for your team are quite high. So, you must pay close attention to the top-order batsmen when building your fantasy cricket team.

4. Select the Captain and Vice-Captain Carefully

Every fantasy sports player gets a chance to add a captain and a vice-captain to the team. The captain gives you 2x points, while the vice-captain helps you score 1.5x points in every match, thus increasing your chances of winning against just about any team. If you manage to choose the best players as captain and the vice-captain of the team, you will surely earn whopping bonus points.Follow the above tips for creating your fantasy cricket team on the Gamezy app and earn money from the comfort of your home.

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