How to Shoot a Rifle: A Guide for First-Time Shooters

Do you want to learn how to shoot a rifle?

3 in 10 Americans admit to having a gun in their home. This doesn’t mean that they know how to handle them, though. This is a scary thought if you think about how easy it is to cause injuries from rifle misfires and such.

This makes it important for you to learn how to handle your rifle. If it’s your first time shooting a gun, though, you may not know how to handle and shoot any gun at all. Worry not, though, we’re here to help you learn to shoot.

Read on to learn how to handle a rifle. Keep yourself and everyone around you safe with this guide today!

Learn the Parts of Your Rifle

Learning about your gun is as important as firing the gun itself. A good way to learn all the parts of your rifle is to learn how to disassemble it.

Disassembling your gun also forces you to know what all its parts do. This is because you’re often the one who has to put it back together again. Doing this is a good way for you to know your gun inside and out, and how it works when you pull the trigger.

This is also a way for you to help yourself along the line. If your rifle malfunctions or jams, you will have no problems fixing it. You may even identify what’s wrong faster than most people if you learn all about your rifle.

Use the Right Ammunition for Your Rifle

Understanding that your rifle uses specific ammunition helps you prevent any damage as you use it. Some rifles can’t handle high-caliber ammunition. These bullets contain too much gunpowder for smaller rifles to handle.

This means your rifle’s chamber may have scratches or deformities, depending on the power behind the bullet. Worry not, though, as most shooting ranges give you a variety of bullets to choose from. They even help you find the right ammunition for your gun if you ask them.

If you’re out hunting, though, you will need stronger ammunition than those in the shooting range. There are special bullets that can penetrate the hide of animals to ensure you knock them down in 1 shot. These bullets often have a smoothened tip to allow the bullet to have a straight path while it’s in the air.

It’s also worth noting that you must keep your ammunition in good condition. Bad bullets can jam the gun and damage its insides. Keeping your bullets away from sunlight will keep them from going bad.

Find a Stance You’re Comfortable Using

Making sure you are comfortable when shooting is also important. Keeping your footing ensures you don’t fall over after firing a powerful rifle.

There are 2 stances you can use when firing a rifle while standing up. The tactical stance is a good choice if you’re handling rifles with strong recoil. Automatic rifles are part of this group since their continuous firing makes it hard to control the recoil.

Place one foot behind you for support as you shoot. The space between your feet should be equal to the space between your shoulders. Doing this ensures you have a strong frame to support you while shooting.

The supported standing stance is also a good position in the shooting range. Most ranges have places where you can rest the gun and your upper body. This stance makes it easier for you to handle the rifle since you don’t have to support the gun’s weight.

Check Your Aim

Align your sights before you take your shot. Regardless of the sights, your rifle will function the same way. All you need to do is align the center of your sights and your chances of hitting the target increase.

If you’re using a scope on your rifle, it’s much easier to line up your shot. You only need to put your target in the middle of the crosshairs. If you’re using a scope, though, the chances are you’re aiming at a target that’s some distance away.

Some scopes have guides that tell you how the bullet will drop based on the distance of the target. Use these to predict the trajectory of your bullet and adjust your shot.

Squeeze the Trigger

Once you have the shot lined up, hold your breath, and squeeze the trigger. Holding your breath allows you to have a more precise shot since it slows your heartbeat. Squeezing the trigger also helps with the accuracy of your shot.

By squeezing the trigger, you don’t cause the gun to sway. Pulling on the trigger applies too much force on the gun’s butt, causing it to sway. The slightest sway can cause the bullet to fly far from your intended target.

Hold the trigger in place until the bullet leaves the shaft. After that, relax your finger and let the trigger reset. This is an effective way for you to protect your trigger from damages.

This is an important consideration for first-time gun owners since damaging the trigger makes the gun next to useless. It’s also important to follow through on the recoil rather than resisting it. Following through means you still have a good hold on the gun as the recoil dies, preventing it from flying out of your hands.

Practice on Weaker Caliber Rifles First

The best way to learn how to shoot a rifle and master it is to start with something you can handle. You can work your way towards more powerful rifles as you progress.

Practice using an air gun first to see how you fare. These are like rifles in structure and function with the only difference being that they are weaker since only pressurized air propels the hollow bullets it fires. This makes them great for practice if you’re unfamiliar with how to shoot a gun and handle one.

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Learn How to Shoot a Rifle Today

Don’t have the slightest clue how to handle your rifle? Use our guide to learn how to shoot a rifle today! Make your shots accurate and hit every target!

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