What Are the 10 Steps to Starting Email Marketing?

Email is a great way to market your product or service and reach a large segment of your target audience. Everyone today has an email id and uses it regularly. A good email marketing campaign can improve your conversions, get new customers, and bring back existing ones. Here are some best practices for successful email marketing:

Set Measurable Goals

Think about what you want to accomplish from your email marketing campaign. Do you want email marketing to get new leads or just improve your email engagement? A few measurable goals include increasing your open rate, expanding your email list, driving conversion rates by measuring who signs up for your service or product, and implementing a new A/B test with each campaign. It is important to have a clear and simple goal for your email marketing to be successful.

Choose the Design for Your Email Campaign

You can either choose to create a customized template for your campaign or use one of the existing templates. Whatever you choose, make sure your design is optimized for mobile because most of your target audience will be reading it on their phones. Incorporate your branding into the template and focus on the consistency of colors and calls to action.

The Subject Line Is Key

The subject line is what will catch your target users’ attention. Make sure it is right. You can create different versions of the subject line and see which one best suits the message you are trying to put out. It should have just the right amount of information, and at the same time, make your user curious enough to open the mail.

Draft Your Email

Keep your email copy crisp, concise, and personal. Your email copy should interest your audience enough to visit your website, purchase a product you are showcasing, or sign up for your service. Keep the language simple, and don’t overcomplicate things with big words. Remember, your user should be able to understand what you are trying to convey. You want them to connect with what you are trying to say. Add a strong call to action at the end of the email so that the user is nudged towards taking action after reading the mail.

Test Your Email

Test your email to make sure the style you have picked will work with your audience. It is a good idea to run an A/B test on your email campaign. This will tell you whether the approach you have taken appeals to your target audience or not. Test your subject lines, email copy, copy length, language and tone, and call to action.

Track the Performance of the Email Once It is Sent

This is an important step. You will not know if your email was a success or not if you don’t track its performance. There are multiple metrics you can track. What you choose to track will depend on what goals you had set for the email campaign at the beginning. Some metrics to track include user engagement, time your user spends on the email, spam reports, bounce rate, open rates, click-through rates, and performance in different target geographies. You can also set up Google Analytics to learn about your target audience and how they reacted to your email.

Make Your Email GDPR and CASL Compliant

This is a legal requirement. Your emails should be GDPR and CASL compliant. For CASL compliance, you need to get express consent before you communicate with anyone, give identification information that shows who you are emailing, and provide an easy-to-see option to unsubscribe.

Build a Landing Page

What happens once your target audience sees the email and clicks on the call to action. You need to send them somewhere. Create a standalone landing page where your users will go upon clicking on the call to action. The landing page should include a unique product or service, a hero graphic image, benefits of the product or service, and a prominent call to action.

Get Traffic from The Campaign

Focus on getting relevant traffic to your site from your email campaign. One idea is to get people to sign up for your newsletter.

Learn Ways to Improve from The Campaign

Once you have successfully launched the campaign, track and make a note of any new learnings that you gain from this campaign. Depending on how your audience reacts, you can create segment groups to send more effective emails in the future.

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