Review of Huawei Tablet MatePad 11 (2021): Ideal Tablet Size & Design

A number of Huawei tablets are available for Android from Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. Although Huawei is trying to make you not notice that they don’t come with Google services, it’s a shame they don’t. The company does this primarily by supplying its own app store and software suite. In the period since Huawei launched its AppGallery, its popularity has grown tremendously. Using Petal Search on a phone doesn’t help you find the apps you’re looking for.

Considering that, the Huawei MatePad 11 (2021) represents the perfect hardware device for such usage. I recently reviewed the MatePad Pro 12.6 (2021) from the company, and this is a strong competitor. Despite its size, the Huawei MatePad Pro 12.6 (2021) is a great Huawei tablet. While a tablet with a screen size of 12.6 inches might be too big for some, this one with an 11-inch screen seems perfect for me, and it is fine with most people that I allow to use both devices. Check out this tablet if you want to know more about it.

Huawei Tablet MatePad 11 is Just the Right Size and Feels Great in Your Hands

You will see some differences between the Huawei MatePad 11 and its larger sibling. Even though its bezels are slightly thicker than average, this Huawei tablet is still extremely thin. The camera island on the rear is also different. The two are quite similar other than that. As far as in-hand feel is concerned, the MatePad 11 feels more like its larger sibling, but it’s lighter at 485 grams rather than 609 grams. In my hands, the Huawei tablets felt very light and nice to handle. Note that, due to Huawei’s choice of materials, the device is quite slippery. Metal is used to make the frame of this tablet. The backplate, however, is not clear to us.

Despite Its Thinness, It Feels Premium

In addition to its slim design, the Huawei tablets MatePad 11 is also quite light. There is only a 7.3mm difference in thickness between it and its sibling, but you cannot feel that difference in it. (While holding it in portrait mode), you’ll find the power/lock key at the top. On the right side are the up and down volume buttons. On the other hand, the MatePad 11 feels good, thanks to its premium feel. It may slip out of your hands due to the slippery feel in your hands. I think Huawei did a good job with the design of its tablet, all things considered. Furthermore, the bezels are also ideally thick, making it much easier to handle the phone without pressing the screen.

Even Though It’s Not an OLED, the Display is Bright and Sharp

Huawei is likely to round up Huawei MatePad 11’s display to 11 inches in promotion materials, given its 10.95-inch screen. As with its larger sibling, this display offers a resolution of 2560 x 1600. The problem is that it’s not an OLED. Unfortunately, this display is an IPS LCD. Do not get me wrong, the display is quite good, but as my MatePad Pro 12.6 has an OLED panel, I would prefer it.

 A large LCD panel can display remarkably vibrant colors and deep blacks. I always appreciate how bright this display gets under direct sunlight. In addition to excellent viewing angles, there is also an excellent depth of field.

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