How to Stay Informed on Environmental Issues

You have to be aware of what’s happening around you. It’s easy to say that you don’t care about the environment or even believe in the reality of climate change. You think that there’s nothing wrong where you live, and these problems are a hoax. The truth is that other people feel the brunt of the destruction. Others die because of natural disasters. Perhaps, it’s time to get educated about these issues. You need to do more and learn about reality. Here’s how you can stay informed.

Diversify the TV channels you tune into

It’s easy to fall for fake news because you only trust one source of information. The truth is you should diversify what you watch. It helps you triangulate these details. You will know if you’re getting the fact out of what you’re seeing. If there are inconsistencies, you have to research further. It doesn’t matter if you trust that news network. You should still look for other sources.

Read articles online, but only from reliable sources

If you want to know about environmental issues, it is recommended to read climate change articles and journals online. You should look for the sites where the content comes from experts and scientists. They’re free from biases. Everything they write comes from evidence and data. They also don’t have a hidden political agenda. Just follow the science, and you won’t go wrong.

Read about what’s happening in other countries

It’s easy to make conclusions based on what you notice around you. However, you don’t get the complete picture. For example, just because it snows outside doesn’t mean global warming doesn’t exist. In other places, there have been several months of drought. Even flooding and intense typhoons are a result of global warming. You will feel more empathetic about the plight of others if you read international news.

Converse with your friends

Talk to other people and discuss environmental issues. Don’t limit your conversation only to those who agree with you. Try to challenge other people’s ideas and be open to the possibility that they will do the same. Talking to them will open your mind to facts you know nothing about. These discussions might not only come from online sources but from actual experiences.

Apart from environmental issues, you may also talk about how to protect the environment. For instance, you can ask how others dispose of their trash or recycle some materials. You can also learn about the value of working with a recycling company like It doesn’t always have to be an argumentative conversation. It can be something that teaches you important lessons.

Join town halls

Try to connect with your government officials. If they host town halls, be a part of these meetings. You will know what they’re doing to help protect the environment. If not, you can raise these issues. Apart from your leaders, you will also learn something from the other members of the community. Remember that these conversations can get heated. Even topics related to the environment can be divisive. Prepare yourself for heightened emotions and try your best to stay calm.

Visit different places

As always, you will learn best with experience. Instead of reading only about these environmental issues, you can go to different locations. Learn more about animal habitats and why they get destroyed. You may also visit places ravished by natural disasters. You will also be more empathetic if you see the situation. You may ask questions from the locals or from experts who have viewed the problem.

Be a part of environmental organizations

The good thing about joining environmental organizations is you learn and help at the same time. You can volunteer during your spare time and help pursue the cause. In the process, you understand the advocacy and why it’s essential to continue doing it. You may also inspire others to do the same. Talk to the leaders of these organizations and ask why they decided to start the group.

Don’t always stick with entertaining videos

You will find tons of resources online on environmental protection. The problem is you only stick with funny YouTube videos. Sure, they help you relax and feel entertained, but the problem is you’re not learning about crucial issues. If you like watching videos, choose documentaries to learn about various topics and have a deeper look at them. You can also join webinars and listen to experts talk about global issues. Question and answer sessions are also available in some instances.

With these tips, you will be a more responsible citizen. You understand that not everything is about you. Your perspective about things will also start to change. Once you learn something new about the environment, try to share this information with others. You may also use your social media to post links that other people can learn from.

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