A few Instagram hacks that will get you more likes

All the social media platforms that currently exist constantly compete with each other in the battle of receiving more traffic and customers and to increase their functionality so all the platforms can become more competitive. And of course Instagram is not an exception.

The mobile application Instagram was developed back in 2010 by Mike Creiger and Kevin Systrom as a networking space for photo and video sharing. In the beginning the main idea of Instagram was to be a social media platform for photographers – where they can share all of the beautiful images and videos they capture. However, shortly after the development of the mobile application, it became so popular that only two years after its release, the owner of the most popular social platform in the world, Mark Zuckerberg bought Instagram for $1 billion. Of course the main idea was to eliminate the competitors and now both platforms are so popular that people from all points of the world have already joined the two networking sites.

In particular, statistics show that Instagram is being visited by more than 1 billion active users on a monthly basis and we should admit that this is a huge number of visitors.Nowadays the platform is a unique networking site that provides many opportunities to both businesses and regular users. Of course in order to become successful on Instagram there are few important aspects you should manage to cover. The most important thing is the engagement rate, and this rate is formed by the number of the people that are following you and how many of them are actually interacting with your upload. And by interacting, we mean that your followers should like, comment and share your posts. Likes are of essential importance and in this article we have collected a few tactics that will help you to get you more likes on your posts.

  • Upload high quality images/videos: Instagram is a platform that mainly focuses on visual content. If your scroll through your Instagram feed, all you will see is photos and videos, so make sure that you post excellent content that will grab the attention of the other users and make them like the post, just because it deserves to be liked. Although if you have just joined Instagram you might not have an established audience that will engage with your uploads, so you have to first Increase Instagram likes by uploading interesting posts..
  • Create catchy captions: Another useful tip that can help you to get more likes on your post is by creating interesting and attractive captions. You should take the time to figure out what caption will be relevant to the post you would like to upload. You can try and ask your followers questions at the end of the caption. This way you will make your audience interact with your uploads which will also increase your engagement rate and get you more likes.
  • Always add Hashtags: Hashtags are keywords that start with the symbol # and they are used to categorize content on Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms. Users can search and browse by hashtags so we recommend you always to add hashtags that are relevant to your niche and you increase your chances to be discovered by other users of the social platform. If you add hashtags on your uploads you can definitely be sure that you will get some extra likes on your posts.

If you aim to become popular on Instagram, you should know that this is an ongoing challenge. You need to follow the latest trend on the social platform and to provide content that the other users will find attractive. You can build a loyal followers base that will always engage with your uploads but first you need to gain their interest.

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