Qatar Job Opportunities for Foreigners

Anyone who plans to go to work in an unfamiliar country would like to know the benefits of working in it. Workers often ask questions about Qatar job opportunities for foreigners. So, today we will understand the benefits of working in Qatar and some nuances. So the first advantage for foreigners in Qatar is that the majority of the population in this country is English-speaking, and therefore do not have to learn Arabic.

Another advantage is the high level of wages (average $ 2,000 per month) due to high GDP per capita

Based on the previous paragraph, it is worth mentioning the stable economic situation in the country (only 1-2% of the unemployed)

  • a wide range of specialties, from service personnel to managers of large companies
  •  it is possible to obtain a residence permit

 Security is also a positive aspect for foreigners. The country is considered one of the quietest, with low crime rates, and all this is against the background of a small number of security officials.

 Opportunity to have a good and useful leisure time. Despite the fact that most people talk. that in Qatar a monotonous way of life, in fact, this is far from the case. The most popular ways to have fun among foreigners are

  •     surfing
  •     diving
  •     extreme safari, etc.

 But it is worth noting that this entertainment will hit hard on the pocket of its owner, but as mentioned above, the level of salaries in Qatar is quite high.

Shopping is very popular in the country, despite the fact that Qatar is considered an expensive country, discounts also exist here. Especially in local markets you can find and buy a huge amount of clothes. On the day of discounts, people go en masse to “swim” in local malls. But electronics in Qatar are quite expensive and also not always marked by quality.

In addition, foreigners can be impressed by the culture of Qatar. This country has a huge number of architectural monuments. Most – in the capital. Where there are countless temples and skyscrapers. The National Museum is also especially popular. But there is one nuance: in Qatar, it is legally forbidden to photograph any monuments and military objects.

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Specifics of Qatar and Work

 Next, consider the specifics of this state. To obtain a passport of a Qatari citizen, a foreigner, in addition to the usual residence in the country for a certain number of years (in Qatar it is 20), must pass a test of knowledge of the Arabic language. Also in Qatar, it is strictly forbidden to kiss and even hold hands in public. And during the holy holiday (Ramadan) people refrain from any pleasures. Such rules must be followed not only by locals but also by foreigners. In addition, a visit to the doctor is very expensive in Qatar (about $ 80).

 In Qatar, it is customary to dress discreetly, and women should avoid outspoken clothing. Alcohol consumption is allowed only in specially designated areas (restaurants, cafes), and to purchase you need to show a residence permit. Cathars are also no less meticulous in terms of entering their homes. At the entrance, you should take off your shoes. You should also not take pictures in front of religious monuments. Also, if you want to call someone to you, you should use your palm, not gestures. At work, you should be the first to greet the person who approached you. It is worth taking the food that is given to you with your right hand.

 The working day in Qatar is officially Monday to Thursday, but there is a practice of working overtime among foreigners for higher earnings. To find a job in Qatar, it is not recommended to look for it on your own, usually, in prestigious companies, foreigners get a job through international agencies that transfer foreigners to this company. This is a fairly popular practice.

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