7 Best Photo Booth Props for a Party

Apart from food and drinks, photo booth props are a must in any party, at least of severe carousers. Of course, you may choose to overlook photo booths for something else, but is it usually at the expense of excitement and entertainment?

There are other preferable options, but photo booths transform ordinary events into magical occasions. How often do you get to see your friends from work dress up? When was the last time your ride-or-die friends were this neat in a designer outfit?

So, why not spice this up with a bit of fantasy where everyone takes pictures with obnoxious, silly mustache or face photo props?

Everyone will keep these photos forever, laugh at how silly they looked, and remember how much fun they had.

If you have friends and family with such experience, ask to see their custom photo booth props for some ideas. You can then craft your props or source a couple of creative ones, and your station will be more exciting.

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Here are some suggestions.

1. Balloons in the Air

Balloons with weights at the bottom are an excellent option for the best interactive booth props. Pick from a variety of types and shapes to reflect the theme. White balloons can represent clouds, while the blue ones can be the sky.

Use large felt pen numbers, or foil letters on the balloons to send a message.

Multiple balloons can create a display or an arch, and a couple of weighted balloons form part of the display. Add fun messages to the balloons such as:

  • We’re here for the food!
  • Beer fan!
  • When do we eat!

2. The Music Band

If you don’t have the actual instruments, toys, or paper cut-outs of musical instruments, will ensure everyone is in the rock band during the shootout.

You can hire glasses, wigs, and everything in between, such as disco balls, and add some glitter to the event. Glow in the dark sticks work well with a disco ball, and your party becomes colorful, just as you intended.

3. Photo Booth Originals

Obnoxious lips on sticks, shiny cardboard glasses, cowboy hats, attachable bow ties, and funny outfits are still in style and will have everyone buzzing.

You can add baseball caps, first prize trophies, and princess crowns which can mean party until late evening.

Flecks of gold glitter on these mainstay photo booth items add a little festive spirit to the photoshoot.

4. Science Fiction

Everyone can travel to another galaxy with star wars masks and jet-themed boxes.

A giant inflatable of an alien of your favorite sci-fi movie and propped in the photo booth makes it almost believable, if not fun.

On the other hand, face painting and temporary tattoos will mimic the complexion and features of your favorite extraterrestrial.

5. Superheroes/ Celebrities

Whether young or old, dressing up as superheroes or celebrities is fun.

Couples can square off with one wearing a Spiderman mask and the other as Darkside.

Everyone can be a member of the Justice League, while others can take up characters such as Deadpool and Antman.

Also, Dr. Seuss hats and fedoras can make appearances in movie-themed props. Others are cardboard cut-out horses, sheriff badges, cowboy hats, and boots for the Wild West theme.

Power Puff girls and other cartoon characters such as SpongeBob will draw kids into the fun.

Then again, you can roll out the red carpet with an extra touch of glamor and glitter. Guests can wear bright-colored and oversized sunglasses, and everyone can have natural popcorn for snacks.

6. Travel Paraphernalia

Most of us are travel and outdoor enthusiasts and wouldn’t mind taking photos in a booth with outdoor adventure-themed props.

These include an old camera, luggage, and a train conductor’s hat. Cardboard cut-outs of animals such as lions, crocodiles, or native birds will add excitement and fun.

Take turns with the hitchhiker’s bindle or fishing attire.

Wooden letters spelling the names of favorite travel places can be a to-do reminder every time you look at the photos.

7. Intergalactic Theme

A celestial-themed prop may include:

  • Inflatable planets and the sun.
  • Cut-out stars.
  • Flying jets and saucers that every guest can pose with.
  • A romantic moon backdrop is a dream for the lovebirds and couples at the party.

The intergalactic theme works well with futuristic, typical robot costumes and silky clothing. This is where looking like the Jetsons wins you some good points.

Whatever theme you choose, the best photo booth props are those that have sprinkles of creativity and generous amounts of enjoyment and fun. Choose wisely, and make the event memorable for a lifetime.

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