What are the preparations required to start a cosplay club?

These days, if you play cosplay alone for a long time, you’ll want to play with more people who share the same interests, and that’s why there are more and more cosplay clubs. Because they are generally more influential than individuals, many cosplayers are thinking of joining a cosplay club. So, do you know what you need to do to start a cosplay club? If you’re interested, let’s find out!

  • Prerequisite.
  • Ensure that there is free time.
  • Make sure there is enough money. Consider charging a club fee to buy club cosmetics, print posters, materials, etc.

1. Choose the person in charge:

The best way to pick a club president is to pick someone who is friendly and organized. Generally, a good cosplay club has two leaders: one for internal affairs and one for external affairs. Other departments, such as planning, prop making, costume making, photography, makeup, and logistics, can be determined after the club has grown. 

2. Make club rules:

The members of a cosplay club work together to draft a club handbook and follow the rules. A club with rules will go far.

3. Preparation.

  • Props: In the beginning, you can choose to find regular carpenters and ironworkers to help you make large props; look for places that sell materials for making props. The best place to start is with a few small accessories that you can make yourself. There is no limit to the amount of materials you can use, just have ideas.
  • Costumes: can be prepared by the members themselves, or the club can come out and find more places that specialize in costumes and customize them.

4. Make-up and styling: initially you can find a hairdresser or a studio make-up artist to help with this, later you can also find a professional make-up artist to join the group, or members of the self-study some simple basic make-up.

5. Everyone choose their roles. 

6. Draw a diagram of the costumes and props for the tailor’s understanding. .

7. After the above is done, leaders will lead the group in batches to fabric and leather markets and places to buy props and materials to select goods and finally deliver them. 

8. Diplomacy: Take everyone to some large comic conventions, you can make a lot of like-minded friends or browse some videos of other societies for reference. 

9. If you are performing on stage, rehearse well. It’s a lot of work, but it’s relatively good and has a good impact on the development of the club.

That’s pretty much it for the initial group. In the later stages, after you have gained fame, you can further refine the department and expand the recruitment of new members, preferably those who know a little cosplay knowledge. It is highly recommended that you do not recruit people on a whim.
If you want to start a cosplay club, you can’t do it without enough money, members, and a venue, and when you have that, you can start your own club. By the way, if you want to make cosplay costumes for your club members, you should check out Cosplaylab. You’ll be satisfied with the quality and price of Cosplaylab’s products. Many like-minded people are waiting for you at Cosplaylab.

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