Pokemon Card Value and Price Value

The value of Pokemon cards has in the recent past rose explosively. As a result, many investors and former collectors have shown interest in getting back in the game. The most collectible set of Pokemon cards is the original base set, 1999 first Edition. The collection has record-breaking single card sales daily on eBay.Pokemon started hitting in the U.S. from the late 1990s. Today, the people who spent their young years playing the game have become adults, so it is clear that the game is going through a resurgence. It is essential to know the value of the cards if you want to sell or buy them. You can shop at Unplugged Gaming to know about all the pokemon cards and products.

Finding Card Value

  1. Check Card Rarity

 Each card has a rarity. The rarity is usually at the bottom right corner in the form of a symbol. Rarity is the most crucial feature in determining value.

Some rarity indicators include a marker usually near the card’s bottom or near the card’s name. It is good to note that the rarity indicators are subject to change, depending on the card’s print date. A circle indicates that a card is typical, a diamond indicates that the card is less common, and a star means it’s rare. A combination of stars and letters suggests that the card is extra rare whether the symbols are in any location.

Other rarity indicators include higher printed numbers, reverse holographic artwork, full-card artwork, artwork without cast shadows, and the presence of shining features that are not holographic. There also are cards from the previous special events that award various cards to competition winners like the Trophy Pichachu Trainer card and the  Pikachu Illustrator card.

  1. Close Investigation of Early Cards

Most of the time, the cards printed soon after a game were released are precious. Even the common or uncommon early cards can be worth a lot of money. Any cards with “Wizards of the Coast” at the bottom are from 1999 and 2000 and need to be investigated closely. 

  1. Checking the Collector number

The collector number is usually at the bottom right corner of a card. Here is a general guide to the most extraordinary and valuable collector numbers:

  • Cards with a collector number higher than the total number of cards are called secret rares. For instance, a printed  65/64 or 110/105 is rare and has more value.
  • The cards that begin with SH are called Shining Pokemon. They have different art patterns than regular cards. 
  • If a card does not have a collector number, the card is an early printing card.
  1. Have the Eye for holographic cards. 

Holographic cards are distinguished from the reverse holo cards by their shiny foil layer.  Holographic cares are not necessarily valuable, but they are worth setting aside.

Pricing the Pokemon Cards

  • Using online card-selling websites

The price of pokemon cards changes over time as people buy, sell and speculate in the game. Some printed cards may decrease in price once they become illegal in tournaments. Looking up the price online is the best way to get an accurate card price than a price guide because most price guides are not up to date. Some of the best sites include Pokémon card-selling site or eBay and online card name and selling search.

  • Pokemon players or collectors

It is always a good idea to search for a pokemon forum online to check for pricing. It can be challenging to find the correct value, especially if the cards are extra-rare. You can also get the price through a gaming store or hobby playground in your area. It is good to be wary of available scams online that have ill intentions. Always ensure that you get a second opinion on the value of the cards before selling them.

  • Check the condition of the card

Cards that do not have visible marks on either side are considered Mint or near Mint, and they usually sell for a low total price. Condition guidelines for damaged cards vary from one company to the other. Most of the time, a card’s value becomes less if it is scratched, whitened, or stamped. Most people avoid buying cards that are water damaged, written on, or torn.

  • Always sell low-value cards in bulk

Any card without identification defining features is low priced. Many of the individual rares are worth less than a dollar. The same stores that sell cards buy cards in bulk too. Selling low-value cards is a sure bet of making some money from the cards.

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