Hiring Cheap Attorneys Come with Risks

Life is full of choices, and occasionally bad decisions are made. If you are arrested for criminal activity, you will want someone in your corner. Even if you are guilty of the crime, you need someone to help get the best deal. It is incredibly tempting to hire someone who charges little to no cost. However, the phrase “you get what you paid for” is relied on for a reason. Law firms and attorneys are still a business and hiring an attorney can increase your potential settlement offer. It takes money to cover staff’s wages, office expenses and obtain documentation for your defense.

Know the Cost of Losing

The best way to realize why it is essential to hire a solid criminal defense attorney is to understand the cost of losing your case. Most people know there will be a loss of freedom. You could be sentenced for a while or put on probation where your every move is monitored. However, you may also lose the right to drive, own firearms, frequent specific stores, and more. Felony charges will take away more of your rights than misdemeanors, but they are all detrimental to your freedoms.

In addition to the loss of free choice, you will also suffer financially and professionally. Misdemeanor charges can cost you a few thousand dollars after court fees and fines. On the other hand, felony charges often set offenders back tens of thousands of dollars. It is difficult to pay those fines because employers, lenders, and landlords all look at criminal history. If you lose your job, it may be difficult to find another one to cover those fines. Lawyers generally can downgrade charges to keep the lifelong consequences to a minimum.

Risks of Cheap Counsel

When you hire an attorney that charges little to no money, you are taking the gamble on the quality of service they provide. You may know that having no lawyer is a terrible idea, but having one with no ethics can be just as detrimental to your case. You want someone who has experience in the courtroom, is trained for all scenarios, has a good reputation with others in the legal system, and has the drive to fight for you. Without these traits, you may not get as good of a deal, or you may risk them not listening to what you want in the case.

Understanding the Value

We can go back to the phrase, “you get what you pay for,” to help understand and appreciate the actual value of a high-quality lawyer. Most attorneys are willing to work with criminals on payment arrangements because they know the costs you will face. They use the money to research your case and do their own investigation. A good lawyer will call experts, interview witnesses, and obtain any documentation to assist in your case. They may not believe you are innocent, but they will guide you to the best choices for your scenario. If you are guilty, they will help you learn what plea deals are best and when to pass. If they believe your innocence, they will do everything possible to help fight for you.
Before you hire a lawyer, consult with the Raleigh Criminal Justice Attorney Kurtz and Blum. They will listen to your case and guide you through your options. Bad choices happen, but having someone in your corner can help prevent them from affecting your life long-term.

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