Common Safety Hazards That Can Lead to Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents are quite common but can also be life-threatening. Studies reveal that more than half of such cases lead to serious injuries. However, such incidents can be prevented if the organizations and authorities take preventive measures and, most importantly, don’t compromise on safety standards. Below mentioned are some common slip and fall accident causes that must be taken care of. 

Flooring Type

Slippery tiles or flooring are extremely dangerous for everyone who walk over it, especially for women who often wear heels or slides. Also, there is sometimes spilled water or other stuff that has not been cleaned on time because of the negligence of the housemates, maid, or staff members. Due to such reasons, slip and fall accidents frequently occur in homes, offices, and construction sites. Hence, it is important to either change such flooring or avoid installing such tiles at the time of renovation or construction. You can get in touch with carpet installation portland if you need new and safe flooring installed in your workplace.

Misplaced Warning Signs 

When there is work being done in the building, many areas are off-bound due to construction which could cause serious injuries to the employees. The authorities need to identify and mark slippery or risky areas to walk over with the help of warning signboards at the workplace. Not only must this, but they even ensure that the signboards don’t get misplaced accidentally, as it is a commonly observed practice that causes many horrible accidents. Companies should also put up signs when the floors are wet after cleaning so that individuals can avoid the area. If companies do not put up such signs, individuals can fall while walking across wet surfaces. Warning signs can even be used at home to prevent such cases. 


Less or no lighting causes a lot of accidents not only at workplaces and houses but almost everywhere. Some organizations don’t pay attention to it at all. Even after sufficient lighting, slip and fall accidents occur due to power failure and no backup supplies such as generators. It has been observed that no or less lighting causes poor vision and is the leading cause of such accidents.  


One of the most overlooked but common safety hazards that causes slip and fall accidents is the wrong choice of footwear. If we ensure that we wear the right footwear at workplaces and even at home, we will be able to avoid slip and fall accidents by up to fifty percent. It’s always better to wear comfortable, slip-resistant shoes with good arch support. According to research, women are more likely to slip, trip, and fall than men because of heels and uncomfortable footwear. 

All of the safety hazards mentioned above can lead to slip-and-fall accidents that can seriously impact the health and well-being of the affected individuals. Hence, the authorities need to keep these possibilities in mind and take all the precautionary measures. As far as slip and fall cases at workplaces are concerned, employees’ safety and health should always be at the top of the priority list, be it in an organization or at a construction site.

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