Five Tips on Styling Your Wedding

While it is best to hire wedding planners to assist with your ceremony, it is always nice to have a basic idea of what you want the style to be. Designing an entire wedding and reception takes experience, creativity, and an eye for fine details. Everything you select matters, and you want a polished look at the end.

Color Palette Selection

When planning your wedding, everything will revolve around your color palette. It is essential not to take this decision lightly and make sure you keep your partner in mind. If you are stuck on ideas, look at furniture, clothing, or other things that you seem drawn to a specific color scheme. As a couple, talk about favorite colors and whether you want two contrasting colors or a spectrum of one color. For example, some people like to do a bright color paired with a neutral. In contrast, others may prefer to go with a spectrum of neutral colors.

Once you select your colors, make sure that you are not planning to go overboard. Some of the best-styled weddings have one primary color and then use two or three other hues to complement. Think about your bouquet and find ways to integrate those colors throughout the décor, stationery, and wedding dress. Do not forget that your venue will have natural tones, especially if your ceremony will be outdoors. Wedding planners are experienced in mixing elements for a polished look, so ask for their opinions.

Create a Dream Board

Dream boards help take your vision and put it into a visual representation to change elements either physically or digitally. Using magazines, printed pictures, and color swaps, you can discover if your ideas will be able to work together cohesively. It is essential to create a board for every element or area of your wedding. Here are a few ideas of different sections to design.

  • Wedding Ceremony
  • Reception Layout
  • Serving Areas (Bar, Food, Cake/Desserts)
  • Floral Design
  • Stationary (Guest Book, Invitations, Program, Menu, Signage, Thank You Cards)

Always Have a Theme

The only way to design and have a cohesive look is to have a theme or motif in mind. You will want a recurring thought from the invitations to the ceremony to the reception. Think about what you wish the dominant feature to be, whether it is an emotion, a flower, or a destination. This element will be what pulls everything together and gives you a unique event.

Selecting Venues

When selecting the venue for your ceremony and reception, attempt to find something that works with your theme and color palette. For example, you may not want a barn wedding if you want a lot of frill with your design. The venue can also be one of the most significant expenses, but many will offer complimentary items that you can use. Talk to the owners of the space to determine what the cost encompasses and what the rules are with decorating. It is easier on you and the wedding planner if the venue accents your theme rather than making your wedding work with space.
Finally, make sure you have a budget set before starting your wedding design. Every aspect should be marked with essential, preferred, or splurge so you know where you will need to cut back when your funds get tight.

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