Why Music Videos are Still So Important?

Music videos aim to promote both the albums as well the single sale. They work to promote new artists to the audience. 

Through Music Videos, the audience gets to see the style and personality of the artist. This helps create an entire image of the singer as well as the brand that promotes the artists.  

The Music Videos, though have not lost their significance entirely from the contemporary—hold high regard. 

They are still considered important from the perspective of the entire culture of music listening.

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Why is Music Video Culture Declining?

There are many reasons why music videos are declining greatly.  Who would forget MTV’s TRL? Probably none of us. Well… Eminem’s “My Name is”… Britney Spears’ schoolgirl’s outfit “ Baby one more time”. Yes, we were talking to the downtime memory lane. 

Back in those days, music videos were the prime source of revenue generation. Music Videos were a free promo for the Artists. It would showcase what they have to offer.

Those days were the days of Cassettes, then came the CDs and DVDs. People had to stroll physically to the stores to collect the CDs. 

The 2000s marked the end of the majority of Video Music. The Artists started spending on their own music videos. 

So, whom to blame for this debacle. Blame is given partly to the depleting quality as well as the mentality of the audiences. The end of CDs marked the end of the Music Video Industry. 

But, Why are They Still Important?

The growth and development of technology are probably the reason behind the decline of Music Videos? So, is there no importance of Music Videos in society?  Probably not and there are reasons.

Musical Culture 

Through Music videos, the entire culture of filming the songs gets a promotion. This could be understood throughout the entire process that this works as a great platform to promote and nurture the entire music culture.

Remember how people used to thong the music stores and offered themselves to stand in the Queue to get a CD of their favorite artists?

So right from the production team, to the Artist and reaching up to the director… music videos have something to offer. 

Artists’ Visibility 

Music videos were and still are the platforms where the Artists could express themselves fully. 

Through these videos, the complete ability and character of the artists would evolve.

The audience gets to view the certain traits, mannerisms, and behavioral patterns of the artists. Overall, the artists get to establish emotional bonding with the audience through these videos. 

Creative Vision

The music video is such a format through which the artists get to showcase their skills to the fullest. 

It gets to collaborate with the director and discusses what could be the possible ingredients that would go on to make the frame interesting and eye-catching.  

Music Videos are the platforms that are participated by a wave of technicians. These technicians weaved their creative spirit to bring something out of nothing. 

Making something from scratch requires a good amount of creativity and the urge to express oneself.

Visual Representation 

It is often studied that a proper way of enjoying and comprehending music involves both the involvement of the ear as well as eyes. This is the way music is learned. The same theory goes for enjoying music. 

It’s best we both heard as well as seen. Visual Representation is an extremely effective way of communicating with the audience. 

Through visual representation, an image building of the artists could be best achieved. For example, a video like Nirvana’s “In Bloom ” gives both the sensation as well as the vision.

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Promotion of the Song 

Be it the olden 1990s or mid-2000s or today…a song is always called a complete promotion.  Songs were meant for promotion.

That is why artists need to use every available method to get the music into the hearts of the viewer.

Having a music video would act to strengthen the visibility of the artists as well as the entire promotion.

Closing Statement

It could therefore be opined through observation that the demand for music videos might have dried out.

But the entire feel of the music still requires a visual representation. Music Videos are probably the best medium through which the dynamic personality of the artists could be manifested completely. This acts to generate interest in the mind of the viewer. 

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