The use of the World Wide Web has revolutionized the way people and companies interact with each other. For example, a college student can find a list of his or her classmates just by using the search engine known as Google. It is quite possible that this college student has found a long-lost friend from back home! However, the convenience brought about by the Internet can also be used to make life much easier for college students by taking a part of the study burden.

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Let’s have a look at some sites that can be a huge help:

1) Grammarly

Lifesaver tool for everyone, not only college students. Helps to spot typos and mistakes in letters in documents. Offers better words for writing. Just a fairy for your writing!

2) My Custom Essay

No student in the world can say “I didn’t write essays for my classes”. Still, there are a lot of struggles you can meet while writing. To eliminate them, a team of dedicated writers created this source. There is a lot of useful information on writing in the blog and a bunch of essay samples. If it’s hard for you to complete your task, you can ask for help and buy articles online. Experienced writers can help you with any type of writing task.

3) Wolfram Alpha

Must-have bookmark for every STEM student and everyone who needs to use a hand while doing some calculations. Matrixes, graphs, different kinds of problems, integrals… You can find a lot of help here including step-by-step solutions.

4) Efolett

What is the fate of a textbook you used this semester? If you are about to throw it away (even in a green recycle way), stop and think about selling it to younger students. Efolett connects book owners and needers to make studying less expensive for both sides.

5) Habitica

Good habits are a fetus of great work. Habitica can help anyone to start a new good habit or ritual. It’s also very good for students – they can add a challenging gamification touch to their study routine. Writing the next paper may be easier when you understand it’s a part of your game.

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6) Wikipedia

World-famous source of knowledge. It has a lot of basic information on any topic. For further research, you can use the sources mentioned in the description of the article. Use it wisely and never print its articles as your own work!

7) The Owl

If you struggling with APA and MLA styles – you should try to read this site. It’s created by the Purdue University Online Writing Lab and it can be your conductor into the world of better formatting. It also contains vast information on citation and research methods. So you’ll be prepared to make your own research!

8) Google Drive

Student life is full of information processing and paperwork. Google Drive is one of the more popular and easy-to-use services of cloud-based storage. Install the app and all documents you created in your Drive will be with you everywhere. Also, it can be your chance to save the data in case something will happen to your real drive.

9) TED Talks

A daily dose of inspiration and information. We doubt you need to be introduced to the world’s most popular way to learn and develop your knowledge.

10) Realcalc

When was the last time you saw a real calculator? We guess it was a while ago. Useful digital services took the place of these gadgets. Realcalc can help you a lot with all the calculations you may need to perform on your daily (and special) basis. It’s a powerful scientific calculator you may use online or download.

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