Choose Dubai as One of Your Honeymoon Destinations for an Everlasting Experience

Dubai is a luxurious city where you will find a blend of traditional as well as modern culture. If you’re planning for a family trip, an adventure trip with your friends or a romantic honeymoon with your wife, this city never fails to offer exceptional things.

The easiest way to reach Dubai from Riyadh is by flying. There are several prominent airlines between these two locations. Book your tickets after comparing the Riyadh to Dubai flights price for different airlines. Check for different dates and timings too so that you find the most lucrative rates.

The city of Dubai has world-class sources of entertainment, huge shopping malls, skyscrapers, theme parks, offbeat adventures, and the most photographed historical places. If you’re coming for a honeymoon trip to Dubai, then this city will surely delight you and your better half in every way and make your trip a memorable one.

The most lucrative option will surely be Emirates. You can do Emirates booking online so that you get premium service inside the flight. This airline connects the city to several destinations all over the world. The prices of the flights are relatively cheaper making it the best choice.

Places to Visit and Activities in Dubai

Dubai has a lot of beautiful attractions for you to visit and explore around the city. The most famous places in Dubai are the Dubai Fountain, Palm Jumeirah Islands, Wild Wadi amusement park, Burj Khalifa, the Jumeirah Mosque, Dubai Mall, and the Underwater Zoo. 

However, you can also do a lot of activities while visiting these places. You can visit the Burj Khalifa with your loved ones and do activities like skydiving from its top or you can go riding camels in the deserts. Also, you can race on the sand dunes during the Desert Safari, and don’t forget to try the water sports at the Palm Jumeirah Islands. 

Safety of the Tourists

Dubai has a very low crime rate and violent crimes are almost rare. However, you may see some petty theft and bag snatching in crowded areas but other than this, Dubai is a safe place to travel. In the year 2017, Dubai saw about 15.9 million international visitors which is a rapid increase from 2013 when it welcomed around 12 million visitors. The government of Dubai Is taking huge initiatives in making the country seem clean and safe for tourists to visit.

Also, the Dubai Police Force is very well-equipped with high-tech stuff and there are CCTVs all over the city. The law in Dubai Is very strict and it’s the law itself from which you want to protect yourself. Sharia law exists in Dubai which is used in specific circumstances like cross-dressing, payment of blood money, etc. And don’t even think about kissing in public or else you could get arrested. There are a whole lot of rules and regulations that you need to know before planning your honeymoon in Dubai.

Great Nightlife

Although Dubai is well-known for practicing Sharia Laws as most of the citizens are Muslims, they do have lots of interesting bars around in the city. One of the popular bars around here is the Bahri Bar. It is a colonial-style bar and is decorated outstandingly which attracts many tourists.

However, there are other options to spend your nights in Dubai, you can walk with your better half along the Dubai Marina located in the newer part of the city. If you prefer a peaceful evening, then spend the night at the shisha lounges, like the locals. The nightlife of Dubai will offer you various excitements and fun.

The Best Culinary Getaway

Have a taste of one of the best foods eaten in Dubai Which is also quite well-known in Asia, which is the Shawarma. It is made from lamb or chicken meat, stuffed together with various vegetables, pickles, fries, and garlic sauce. 

However, if you are a vegetarian, then you should try the Tabbouleh. It is a vegetarian dish filled with salads, tomatoes, onions, and cucumbers. It is prepared with lemon juice and mint. 

Also, there are several options for desserts, make sure you taste the EshAsarya. This is a type of cheesecake topped with cream.

Best Hotels for Honeymoon

There are many fascinating hotels in Dubai where you can spend your honeymoon. The most popular honeymoon hotels are the Ibis World Trade Centre Dubai, Coral Dubai Deira Hotel, Suba Hotel, Ibis Al Rigga, Vida Downtown, and many more. These hotels offer you exclusive services along with great views and you can get to know each other in a much better way.

Shopping Paradise

Dubai has some of the largest shopping sites in the world. The famous Dubai Mall is the biggest mall in Dubai covering a huge area. You will find branded items like Armani, Cartier, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and many other brands in this mall. You can shop as much as you want with your beloved.

However, there is another mall which you must visit if you’re planning to shop for premium items. The Mercato Mall is a place where you will find international brands, luxurious and premium items for shopping. Make sure you shop for your wife from these stores and later both of you can drop by the restaurants to enjoy some delicious dishes. However, you will find other shopping malls with unique architecture. Visit these malls and enjoy some shopping experiences with your wife and make her feel special. Also, other marketplaces are mainly famous for Spices, Perfumes, and Textiles. Dubai is undoubtedly a very rich country and is popularly known as the City of Gold. You will not only see golds displayed at the stores, but also other jewelry like diamonds, rubies, and emeralds. These are sold at a much cheaper price than other western countries. You can surprise your wife by gifting her a diamond ring or gold necklace.

Historical and Heritage Sites for Walking Tours

Experience one of the oldest and the most popular places in Dubai Which is the Al Fahidi Historical District. You both can take a beautiful walking tour to the beautiful Dubai Museum. The Dubai Museum is situated in Fort Al Fahidi. This Will help you to know how Dubai changed from a tiny village to a magnificent cosmopolitan city.

After visiting the museum, start walking towards the Grand Mosque. This area is filled with very few shops and stores from where you can buy souvenirs. You will find the Bur Dubai Souk along Dubai Creek. This is the most popular place that you must visit during your honeymoon trip.

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