11 Foolproof Ways to Actually Get Over Your Ex-Husband

Divorce is finally over. You are free to start your new happy life. You can build up your routine the way you like and enjoy your independent lifestyle. Still, there is a thing that holds you back. You have no idea how to get over your ex-husband.

There is no wonder you cannot break the ties here and now and move to a completely new reality after so much time and so many things you have been through together. All you need now is a handful of patience and a desire to change your life for the better. Follow the advice and nurture your happiness after divorce without remorse. 

Break All Connections

After you are done with filing for divorce online and all the related issues, get ensured you are over with your former spouse as well. Here are some points for you to consider:

  • Move or rearrange your place not to have daily reminders of your past;
  • remove all letters, photos, and gifts from your ex;
  • aim not to visit places where you can stumble on your former spouse;
  • meet with mutual friends only if your former husband isn’t coming.

The less you see him, the easier it will be for you to heal and move on. Otherwise, frequent connections will make you feel more miserable, hesitate about your decisions, or tempt you to start over with your ex. 

Stay Away from Social Media

When you are through the post-breakup period, social media is the last thing you need. Even if you unfriend your ex, there is a possibility you will see him tagged on mutual friends’ posts and photos. Moreover, you will have the temptation here and there to visit your ex’s page to check out how life is going without you. And it will only bring you down to see him happy while you are still suffering.

Establish New Routine

Another step to disconnect from your ex is to change your routine. While during the day you are mostly busy with work or household tasks, mornings and evenings may be the most challenging time for you. Check out the good things to try out:

  • Introduce motivational and self-caring activities in morning and evening routines (motivational podcasts, meditation, workout, meeting with friends, etc.);
  • eat out from time to time no to feel lonely;
  • plan weekends (prefer active weekends out instead of watching romcoms two days through);
  • prefer socializing instead of spending your leisure on your own not to miss your ex’s company.

Aim to stick to your new timetable strictly for two weeks after a breakup, and you will get used to it. 

Practise Self-Care

Self-care is the best thing to practice after a breakup. Divorce must have worn you out, so to create a better yourself, you should learn to love yourself and improve your mental and physical health. Switch to a healthy lifestyle – a healthy meal plan, working out, socializing frequently. Care about your mental and spiritual wellness by taking up meditation, yoga, and practicing religion. Overall if you find time to nurture your body, heart, and brain, you will reach happiness easier and get over your ex without remorse.

Give Yourself Time and Space

Every divorcee needs a different time for getting over an ex-husband. Don’t restrict yourself to definite time frames. Instead, give yourself time to mourn over the past, analyze your mistakes and learn your lessons. 

Still, don’t hurry into new relationships, even if you are sure you are over your ex. Get some space for yourself. Use it for self-development, self-care, and nurturing inner wellness before you are ready to care for someone else.

Get Surrounded by the Right People

The appropriate social surrounding will be one of the key helpful ways to get over your ex. Communicate with people who have a positive impact on you, ready to advise, support, and listen. It is better not to stick to mutual friends, not to make them choose, and exclude them from your social circle as they related points to your former husband. Opt for interacting with trustworthy people who help you move forward but do not let you down.

Ask for Professional Help

Apart from a friendly shoulder, you may need professional assistance as well. This means you don’t have to be scared or ashamed to reach for specialized help. A family counselor or therapist will help you realize the issues bothering you and overcome them gradually. This way, it will be easier for you to start a new life without looking back on your past and your former spouse.

Try Out New Things

Trying new things is another good way how to deal with divorce when you still love him. The new experience will inspire you to begin a new life without your ex. Traveling, visiting new restaurants, doing unusual leisure activities, and so on will enable you to look at your life differently, reassess your priorities, and move on with hopes for a better future. 

Take Up New Hobby

If you are still in love with your ex-husband, you need to switch your focus. The best way to do so is to take up a new hobby. You should choose something you can devote twenty minutes to every day or an hour three times a week at least. Be sure that you feel satisfied and motivated by the new leisure activity. Use it to refurbish yourself and experience a better routine without your former husband.

Envision the Future without Your Ex

While changing back to your maiden name embodies your desire to let go of your past, you need to care about your future without your ex as well. Write down your future plans or draw a mind map of your nearest future where you are independent and happy without your former soulmate. This will help you believe in your success and reach it eventually. 

Reflect on Your Perfect Relationships

If you think that you will never be ready to create steady relationships since you still don’t know how to get over your ex-husband, it is time to reflect on your perfect partnership. Keep in mind why you don’t suit each other with your ex. And aim to improve yourself, avoid past mistakes, and you will be able to find your best suitable partner and create a trustworthy union one day.

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