6 Simple Ways to Minimize Waste While Using Coffee Pods

Since coffee pods arrived in the market in the 90s, the coffee scene has drastically changed. From Nespresso to K-cups, there are several brands. They offer a delicious cup of coffee in multiple pods flavor. However, since their launch, coffee pods, are under scrutiny regarding the waste they develop. Coffee pods indeed use plastic cups to hold the coffee, which is challenging to recycle. However, that was in the past. Now, most brands like Nespresso use biodegradable coffee pods. They are easy to recycle and better for the Earth.

Coffee drinkers love their morning cup of joe. Yet, they also want sustainable ways to drink their java, which doesn’t harm the environment. Previously, around 10 million plastic cups were in the landfill. However, all this changing as companies are taking steps to ensure environmental safety. Moreover, you as an individual coffee pod drinker can take a few simple steps. These steps will help reduce coffee pods waste at home and outside.

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Step 1: Use Biodegradable Coffee Pods

When looking at coffee pods shop online, make sure you look for biodegradable coffee pods. Looking at the waste these pods can develop, now brands use aluminum instead of plastic. So, read the inscription when you are buying coffee pods to ensure you make the right choice.

Step 2: Get in Bed with the Company’s Recycling Program

All coffee-pods manufacturing companies have a recycling program, like the Nespresso brand. They ask the consumers to not throw away the cups but store the empty cups with them. When they have enough cups, they can ask the company to come to pick them up. Or leave them at a designated place the company has placed. After that, it is the job of the manufacturer to recycle the pods.

Also, doing this gives consumers tons of benefits. For instance, you get discounts or rewards or redeemable points.

Step 3: Use Reusable Coffee Pods

Many articles will ask you to reuse the coffee pod you just used to brew a cup of coffee. Do not do it! Why? Well, because the coffee pod, for instance, Nespresso has enough coffee in one pod to brew one cup. It extracts every last flavor from the pod to brew a delicious cup of coffee. When you use the same pod again, the water under-extracts the coffee, brewing a weird cup of joe, that no one will like.

Thus, it is best to avoid this. The thing that you can do is use reusable coffee pods from Nespresso. They are exactly what they sound like. In this, after the first extraction, you can use the empty pod again. But you have to fill it up with coffee ground yourself. 

This way, you get to drink a fresh cup without compromising the taste or throwing away the pod.

Step 4: Bring Your Cup

Are you craving a decadent brewed single-serve coffee? Did you decide to go to a cafe to enjoy the drink? Yes, then take your cup. It is because most coffee houses use plastic cups and straws that are challenging to recycle. Otherwise, they remain in the landfill for years. 

If a cafe, like Starbucks, is offering coffee in reusable cups, it is awesome. Otherwise, take a cup or tumbler from home to enjoy the coffee without harming the environment.

Step 5: Use the Empty Pods for DIY

If you have multiple empty coffee pods and no way to recycle them, then use them for DIY projects. There are so many things you can do with it, like:

  • Use the empty pods to tiny jewelry holder
  • Use them to grow tiny herbs
  • Put colors into it for your kids to use.
  • There are many DIY involving pods that you can use on the internet. Do look it at!

Step 6: Always Go for Organic Coffee Pods

There are many coffee pods brands, as we already know. To ensure minimum wastage, you need to buy organic brands. They make sure that during the manufacturing and packaging process of the pods, there is minimum wastage. Also, they use natural ingredients for every step, making it healthy for you.

Coffee pods or single-serve coffee is an impeccable coffee brewing method. It saves time and ensures a perfect taste. With these tips, now you can ensure minimum wastage.

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