How to Keep Your Rugs Clean

Home improvement is not an easy task. One has to constantly upgrade or maintain the pre-existing structures on a daily basis. Cleaning, repairing, or regular maintenance comes under the same category.

Rugs are used extensively everywhere, whether it’s commercial or residential setups. Rugs bring comfort and class to any layout. They come in different colors and materials. Thus, one must put conscious efforts to choose rugs for every room. For instance, if you own a pet, you need to select the rugs that are pet friendly.

Rugs, being one of the widely used flooring options, you must take proper care of them. You just can’t sit back and relax after placing your rug. Being part of the flooring, it encounters high foot traffic. Due to this reason chances of catching dirt, allergens and mites increase. Thus, it needs regular maintenance and cleaning. 

You can either hire the services of professional rug cleaners for their expertise in cleaning rugs. Or you can do it on your own. But in any case, you need to have some knowledge about the dynamics of cleaning and maintaining your rugs.

So, we have covered some points which will provide you with insight into the rug cleaning process. This information will simplify the whole rug cleaning process and you will end up having a great deal of knowledge.

Rug Cleaning Methods

It is better to know the methods involved with rug cleaning. Not all the rugs are cleaned using the same approach. In fact, rugs are cleaned according to their type. Now, the cleanser for each type is different, and using the wrong approach can ruin its texture and cause damage. 

The following list of rug cleaning methods will help you in gaining some knowledge about its cleaning process. 

Shampooing Method

Crowned as one of the less effective methods, rug shampooing can be used for a different purpose. The process for rug shampooing is simple. One has to apply a special detergent to the surface of the rug and then the machine is used to stir the surface. Once done, a special vacuum is hovered throughout the surface to extract the dirt-absorbed detergent from its surface. 

The result will be an appealing and fragrant rug. The only drawback to this approach is that it fails to clean the dirt stuck deep inside the rug. So, if your only aim is to make them look pretty and shining for some party this is the best approach. Although, you can’t perform this method on your own and this is where professional cleaners come in. But if you are concerned about health purposes, then this method is not advisable. 

Dry Cleaning Method

This method is one of the most recommended methods for cleaning the rug. As the name suggests it cleans the rug surface in a way that it dries faster. Hence, there is zero downtime and the surface is ready to use immediately after the process. This method can be performed by anyone, you just need the powder and vacuum machine. In this process, a specially made cleaning powder is applied all over its surface.

This powder starts attracting dirt and attaches itself to it. It is then put there as it is for a particular period. Once that period is complete, the entire surface is vacuumed and thoroughly cleaned. While the dirt is being vacuumed into the vacuum machine, the powder eliminates it from the rug surface. A professional rug cleaner will also use an oxygenated cleanser to eliminate dirt from the rug’s foundation.

Foam Method

If you are looking for a method that can give shine and dries up fast, then the foam method is best for you. The foam method of rug cleaning combines the best of two worlds. It is a combination of shampoo and dry-cleaning methods. In this method, you need a little shampoo followed by a dry-cleaning method. Foam is created with the help of shampoo and little water. 

This foam catches the dirt from the rug in the same way as the powder used in the dry-cleaning method. This method of rug cleaning negates the limitations of the dry cleaning and shampoo method. While vacuuming the foam along with dirt is sucked back in. The foam method of rug cleaning is best suited for rugs made of tough material. It is easy to create foam and later vacuum them from such a surface.

Steam Based Rug Cleaning

This method of rug cleaning is widely used as it can be used on all rugs. The process of steam-based rug cleaning is easy and thus used extensively. As steam is used to clean rugs, it uses a large amount of water. If the water sips deep inside the rug, it can cause damage to rug pads and you might replace the rug. 

But if this method is performed by experts, it can be effective. You need to keep in mind that you have to limit the frequency of steam-based cleaning. The equipment used for producing steam along with the cleanser solution can only be performed by professionals. The machine throws high pressured steam and at the same moment, it sucks in the steam from the rug. During this process, all the dirt comes out of the rug. You have to wait for a while before the rug dries up. 

Bonnet Rug Cleaning

The above-mentioned methods can be used for both residential and commercial buildings. But bonnet rug cleaning method is majorly used in commercial buildings. It is not one of the reliable sources for any extensive cleaning project. But for a commercial building with high foot traffic, it serves the purpose just fine. 

It uses a simple process and keeps the rug clean and free from any bad odor. There is a high chance of dirt remnants present on the surface. But in busy places like any commercial setup, bonnet rug cleaning serves the purpose. Its process includes the application of chemical detergent on the rug and a machine with absorbent pads that works coordinated to clean the rug.


The above-mentioned methods will help you in keeping your rugs clean. Cleaning your rugs at a proper interval will also prolong their lifespan as well as make the room space aesthetically pleasing.

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