What is CSM? : All you need to have about a Certified ScrumMaster

In a world where software and framework development have become the backbone of every Fortune 500 company, the market craves futuristic ideas and mind-blowing innovation more than anything else. However, Scrum has succeeded over millions of other similar frameworks, coming out as an agile framework capable of building even the most complex projects. Jeff Sutherland, the developer, and inventor of Scrum, originally intended his structure to enhance Software development. Luckily for him, the Scrum framework greatly surpassed his expectations! With Scrum, the possibilities of innovation are seemingly endless.   

However, for Scrum to be able to shine at its full glory, it needs the support of a proficient development team and a Certified ScrumMaster’s leadership.

Who is a Certified ScrumMaster (CSM)?

As a Certified ScrumMaster, you will be the head that will operate a full-fledged Development Team, and maintain order amongst its ranks. A trained ScrumMaster knows how to facilitate their team, and help achieve the best results, drastically amplifying the success rate. However, one must never mistake a ScrumMaster for a Project Supervisor or a department head; they are specifically called ‘Servant Leaders,’ who help a development team achieve a set target while working inside the Scrum Framework!  

It is a ScrumMaster’s job to support and push the team ahead. To maintain the best standards of productivity, the ScrumMaster helps remove potential sources of distraction and complication. For those in India who wish to become a ScrumMaster, training courses in CSM Certification Bangalore are made.

What do you need to become a CSM?

To become a Certified ScrumMaster, you need to follow three necessary steps:

Familiarizing oneself with Scrum’s framework and learning all of its technicalities. The candidate must also prepare themselves and complete the required pre-requisites for one to attend a training course.

I am preparing myself for the CSM examination by attending training courses, led by proper CSM training guides.

We are passing the final hurdle, the ScrumMaster Certification Examination, by scoring at least 37 out of 50.

Certified ScrumMaster Courses

For you to become a full-fledged Certified ScrumMaster, you need to attend a two-day course by a CSM Trainer. Most training courses are incredibly comprehensive, preparing an aspiring ScrumMaster for their future job. By introducing the trainees to the basics and the nitty-gritty details of the Scrum Framework, the trainers help widen their knowledge.

The trainers will ensure that by the end of their lesson, you will understand and work on Scrum Artifacts, Scrum events, and even Scrum Roles! To make the lessons more interesting, several trainers resort to physical approaches, such as live interactions, discussion sessions, and exercises. These courses are known for providing real-time experience to the trainees.

If you opt for a training course in CSM Certification Bangalore, by the time you are done with your training, you will be completely eligible, and knowledgeable enough to sit for the Certification Examination.

ScrumMaster Certification Examination

For those aspiring to become Certified ScrumMasters, they will have to prepare themselves and sit for an online examination. The examinees get presented with a set of 35 MCQs, covering all the facets of the Scrum Framework. However, to pass the said examination, the candidate must provide correct answers to a minimum of 24 questions. In recent years, examinees are provided with the privilege of appearing twice in a ScrumMaster Certification Examination, free of cost, by the Scrum Alliance. However, an examination fee will be charged from candidates looking for the third time. You will be allowed to see the questions that you had failed to answer correctly.  

When do you become a Certified ScrumMaster?

Even if you have completed your 2-day course in CSM Certification Bangalore, you might have to spend several hours studying and preparing for the online test. It would be best if you keep reviewing the pre-requisites, and your study materials to get a clearer picture of what needs to be studied. After successfully passing the examination, you might have to enhance your knowledge through a reviewing process further to gain real-time experience. All-in-all, it might take you months to successfully earn your ScrumMaster Certification!

In the end, it can be understood that becoming a Certified ScrumMaster isn’t a cakewalk. It requires one to be extremely dedicated and efficient with their work and study. However, if you are successful in getting a certification for yourself, nothing can stop you from grasping success! With the increasing demand for Certified ScrumMasters in the market, there is no wonder why you should miss this golden opportunity and let it slip past you. What truly matters is how dedicated you are with your ambitions, and whether you are working hard to achieve your goal! If you can study and enhance your knowledge about Scrum, you will pass the Exam. 

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