Why Should I Go for Solar?

It’s no secret that we wake up every morning to a raised cost of living. Unfortunately, unsustainable and non-renewable fossil fuels are at the top of this trend with constantly increasing rates.

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This is regardless of whether you work from home or use your appliances only at night. In today’s world, we warm up to an opportunity to keep the endless bills from our to-worry list. Therefore, is now a good time to get solar panels? Yes, many families are going solar for economic security. A solar power installation not only saves you in the long run but also works to pay for itself on its own.

Below are seven top reasons why joining the green movement is a worthwhile investment.

Save Yourself from Shocking Power Bills

Whether you spend tons of time at home, travel frequently, or love your office walls a little too much, the power bill is often on most people’s minds. Let’s face it; we can’t do without electricity. It is necessary to power our electronics, appliances, and everyday necessities. Don’t forget the soothing warm showers! And when you have a family, the bill can quickly add up. You can save yourself from the nightmare of paying rising electricity bills each month with a solar panel installation.

Solar Works from Day 1 on Reducing Your Power Bills

Electricity may look cheaper up front compared to the initial investment of solar panels in Sydney. But you should remember that fossil fuels are unreliable, and spiking prices are the norm. Therefore, you can always look forward to increasing power bills.

What if you could channel the money you pay to your power company into an investment that will reduce your electricity bills for years to come? You only need the next three bills of $700 to pay for half the system.

With a typical 6.6kW, you can produce 9300kWh of power annually. On the other hand, the power company trades a kWh of power at around $0.29. If you utilize 70% of 9300kWh, which is 6510kWh, you save up to $1900 yearly based on your energy needs. The system will also pay for itself in less than two years.

Afterward, you save money for the panel’s entire lifetime. That could be a whopping $20,000 in 15 years. So what are you waiting for? Every month that passes strips you of the ability to tap onto financial security.

Finance Options Available

If the initial costs of installing the best solar panels are not feasible for you, many solar retailers offer financing options for their customers. You can start your journey to economic empowerment with no upfront spending and with the cost of a cup of espresso per day.

This is a favorable circumstance with guaranteed cash flow where the savings will make up for the espresso cost and add some extra cash into your pockets.

In addition, you are free to make full payments when you can.

Aussie Dollar Uncertainty

If you’ve been keeping tabs on the Aussie dollar rate, you may have noticed the turbulence in its value. The problem is this change will finally affect the prices of many products, especially those imported from abroad. And solar panels are no exception.

In most cases, solar panels and inverters come from overseas, and vendors hint at an increased price of the solar components. Eventually, the price will be passed on to you, the consumer.

As you delay going solar, you risk exposing yourself to the volatile currency market and increases in product prices.

Government Incentives Decreasing

Over the years, the Australian government has been adamant in its strategy to influence more solar installations. While many are beneficiaries, it keeps reducing the incentives by 7% every year. These are called the Small Technology Certificates(STCs).

As of 2020, the incentive of the 6.6kW solar system added up to $3600. Save more by going solar as soon as possible. Free is hard to come by in the 21st century!

Solar is the Perfect Solution If You are on a Fixed Income

The volatile financial market may catch up with anyone who relies on fixed incomes from various investments with a fall in revenue.

Luckily, you can save yourself from dropping fixed income by minimizing your fixed and variable spending. As mentioned earlier, there are different solar benefits, from reducing your power bills from day one to putting more money in your pockets. Therefore, it’s perfect for budget-savvy Aussies. You can go all out with a high-quality system and the high-capacity Tesla Powerwall Home Battery System to save so much more.

Not investing in solar means you have to keep paying your electricity bills. While a modest power bill of $250 quarterly seems like a fair deal, that’s ten years of $10,000 of dead money. So, if you are asking, what’s there to lose? You have your answer!

Solar is Good for the Environment

More people are becoming conscious of their effects on the environment. And each time, there isn’t a better way to conserve the environment than by reducing your carbon footprint with solar. Unlike fossil fuels, a solar panel system generates clean and free energy with no carbon emissions. For example, the standard 6.6kWh system for households offsets up to 8000kg of these emissions annually. This number adds up to 160 tonnes in over 20 years.

That means opting for a solar panel installation is more than a bid to control your finances. It makes you feel awesome that you are doing a greater good to Mother Nature and securing humankind’s future.


There has never been a better time to go solar than now, and the above reasons couldn’t agree more. Choose economic sustainability by securing your household’s future with a solar investment. It pays for itself, and there are financing options available. There’s really no excuse not to go solar with the many benefits of solar panels to reap. Most importantly, source your solar panels in Australia from a reliable retailer for a high-quality system with an extended warranty.

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