What are the Reasons to Hire a Professional for Roller Shutter Maintenance?

Roller shutters are now popular in residential and commercial buildings, as their robust nature adds another dimension to these premises. These structures offer more security than standard wooden, glass, and plastic doors and windows without compromising your property’s visual appeal. In areas with high crime rates, they can increase the value of a property.

That said, roller shutters are likely to malfunction after extended use. When this happens, many individuals opt to take the DIY approach, which often results in more complications. 

Read on to discover why the best solution to roller shutter defects is hiring a professional.

Pros Have the Right Tools and Experience

There’s no point in attempting repairs if you don’t have the right tools. Using improper equipment can worsen a minor issue. It also increases the risk of injury.

Contrarily, professionals have the right tools required to handle any defect. This, coupled with their extensive experience, ensures that they conduct repairs quickly and safely. 

Let us dig into why roller shutters are the need of the hour.

Enhanced Security

The primary reason for investing in roller shutters is to improve security, as the robustness of these structures deters would-be burglars. However, shutters usually weaken over time due to the wear and tear of the moving parts, making them susceptible to break-ins. The best way to ensure your shutters perform at their best is by having them inspected regularly by professional installers.

Long-lasting Results

The average lifespan of a roller shutter is 20 years. However, this depends on the level of care you give to the structure. For instance, you must frequently apply grease or other lubricants to the moving parts to avoid damage by friction. If you have an electric shutter, it’s wise to service the motor and protect the circuitry from moisture.

When you invite professionals for routine checks, they can detect potential issues before they manifest themselves. You’ll incur a small cost handling such problems compared to when they become more severe. More importantly, your roller shutters will see out or even exceed their projected lifespan.


Proponents of the DIY approach argue that it is cheaper and more convenient than hiring a professional. This isn’t true. You’ll likely do a shoddy job if you don’t have the expertise.

Delivering subpar quality means that you’ll spend additional money on redoing the job, something that you can easily avoid by seeking professional assistance. Even worse, you’ll waste time that you would have otherwise spent doing something productive.

Legal Compliance

Like other structures, roller shutter installation must adhere to the building code set out by local authorities. Most regulations demand that these shutters must guarantee the safety of a building’s users and occupants.

When you hire professionals, they install the shutters as stipulated by the law. They also ensure that you have the right compliance documents. These documents usually show the time and date of installation, the name of your premises, and the name and address of the installer. 

Wrapping Up

Despite their many benefits, roller shutters get defective sometimes. After extended use, you might notice difficulties in operation. Other issues include noisiness, rusting, loose hinges, etc. 

When such defects occur, it’s wise to contact a professional. It might cost you more than doing it yourself, but the results make it a worthwhile investment. Even better, you have the right to request a refund from the installer if the shutters malfunction after renovation.

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