Why is Cable TV in the USA So Expensive?

The cost of cable TV is one of the reasons that the consumers are shifting towards other alternatives and are cutting the cords more often. However, when we are considering these alternatives we often forget the wide array of content that we are being offered on cable TV with extensive channel line-ups that everyone can rely on knowing that their preferences will be covered no matter what. If we opt for the cable TV alternatives, we might be compromising on the customer services. The cable TV providers offer excellent customer support to their users. Charter customer service is an epitome where the consumers can always depend on the provider to assist them without any delays. 

Understandably, cable TV in the United States is expensive and the price graph continues to go up. And these increasing prices are driving the consumers over the edge certainly. Nevertheless, we cannot overlook the reason why your cable TV bill might be too much for you and it will be rightfully so. So, stick around and read on to get an understanding as to why is cable TV in the USA so expensive.

The Bundles

It is very likely that you are not here just paying for your cable connection, but also for the internet and the phone services along with it. It can seem costly to you, but if you choose these services separately, then you must be prepared for a bill going up through the roof. These bundled services give you an advantage. Many services providers offer these services bundled offers to the users so that the bill, in the end, does not get very pricey, and does not have to compromise on the quality as well. In the end, it is for the consumers to understand. 

Network Companies Costs

When we opt for cable TV it is the library of channels that we are paying to watch, right? All the channels that we love so much need to be paid as well. The fees that have to be paid to all the network companies are a key factor in cable TV being expensive. The fees that the networks charge the cable TV providers have been hiking up constantly as well. In this category, the sports channels stand out. They ask for hefty sums of money, even though it is the exclusivity of it that they pay for. Since the sports channels are not found on live streaming services as well, so cable TV is how we pay for them and watch the Super Bowl live. 


The vastly expanded infrastructure needs constant maintenance as well. Not only the cable TV but also the cable internet is what you get through these lines, they need consistent maintenance to keep up with the load and to function smoothly. This routine of maintaining the lines is certainly costly, but still a small price to pay for the quality services that we are receiving at our homes. 

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Lack of Competition

The monopolies that several giants have created in different locations are one of the reasons for cable TV being so expensive. When there is no competition around, it tends to give the companies an advantage of keeping the prices according to their liking considering that the consumers do not have much choice to choose from and ultimately will have to compromise on the quality (which not everyone does). This also makes these certain providers not change, or evolve according to the upgrades in the technology due to the very lack of competition. 

Customer Services

With the changes in consumer trends, the requirement for excellent customer services has also witnessed an increasing rise. This has made the cable companies also invest in the customer services department and up their game with the customer experiences post-sales as well. It means they need to constantly invest in new channels of customer services as well to keep up with the consumer requirement. 


Nevertheless, we cannot overlook the value of cable TV companies as we have access to all the content we want. However, it will not be unfair of them to re-evaluate the costs and make the cable TV connection more affordable for everyone equally.

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