5 Reasons Why Your Whirlpool Front Load Washer Won’t Start

Your washer is one of those appliances that make your daily life easier. Washers go unnoticed for the longest possible time until they develop a problem. One of the most shocking problems you’ll experience with your washer is finding out that it won’t start. In most cases, this problem is only noticed when the washer is fully loaded with dirty clothes waiting to be new after laundered. The realization hits afresh because now, you don’t know what to do. If you are wondering why your Whirlpool washer isn’t coming – you’ll need to investigate the source of the problem. Here at Quality Appliance Repair Calgary LTD, we have identified some of the commonest causes of this problem, especially in Whirlpool front load washers.

Getting to the Bottom of It

When you experience such appliance failures like this, calling for professional help is recommended. However, ahead of that, there are a few troubleshooting that can be done to correct or detect the source of the problem. Below are some of the common reasons why your Whirlpool front load washer won’t respond.

Your Washer isn’t Connected to Power

A common reason why your Whirlpool front load washer may fail to come on is that it isn’t getting adequate or any power at all. Below are some of the reasons why this problem may occur;

Unplugged Washer

Your washer may have been disconnected from the power outlet and this can cause it to become unresponsive. Check the power cord and make sure it is connected to the power outlet. Also, check that the power outlet is turned on to supply power to the appliance. 

Tripped Circuit Breaker

Sometimes power overloads can cause your circuit breaker to trip off. When this happens, power is cut out from all the power outlets and this can cause your washer to become unresponsive. Check your circuit breaker box for tripped breakers. Reset tripped breakers as needed and try again.

Extension Cord

If you are using an extension cord to power your washer, there may be a problem with it. Check that the extension cord is functional and change the power outlets. Appliance repair professionals recommend that you plug washers directly into the power outlet.

Washer Needs Resetting

Your washer may fail to come on if it needs a reset. To reset your washer, unplug it, allow it to stay for a minute, plug and start. This may solve the problem.

The Control Lock is on

If the power troubleshooting has failed to present the desired outcome, the next line of action is to explore other possible problems. In some cases, the Whirlpool washer’s problem can be traced to the control lock feature. Check the control lock feature to disable it. This feature is added on to prevent accidental starts and to protect the user and their home. Your washer may become responsive when this feature is activated. Look for the LoC or LC display on the control panel to be sure. 

Deactivating this feature is quite simple. Press and hold down a key or a combination of keys as stated in the user manual. You can also consult your user manual for further information on the feature.

Washer Door Not Latched

Whirlpool, as part of the safety features installed on the front load washer, has programmed it not to start until the door is completely latched. If your washer has failed to come on, this may be the problem. You may have loaded a little too many items in your washer or there may be a piece of clothing preventing the door latch from closing completely. Investigate the door latch and make sure that it is closed properly.

If you find that the door latch is defective, probably due to usage or other problems, call on your appliance repair professional to have a look.

Check Washer Settings

Sometimes, the problem may not be with the power connector or even the door latch, it may all be due to the washer settings. You may have mistakenly pressed a delay on the washer thus causing it to become unresponsive. Take time to carefully look at the settings to be sure that you haven’t entered the wrong commands. Entering wrong commands is quite common, especially when you are in a rush. Carefully study the washer’s display panel to see if it has an error code on it. Consult the owner’s manual on how to clear the error code. In most cases, clearing the error code should reactivate your controls of the washer.

If you can’t find the owner user manual or can’t find a way to clear the code, relax and call on your appliance repair expert. If the problem isn’t solved after going through these troubleshooting steps, call a repair technician.

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