What should you know about YOWhatsApp?

Perhaps so far, you’ve only heard about applications like WhatsApp or WhatsApp Plus but never heard about YOWhatsApp. So what is YOWhatsApp? What is the application like? All these questions will be answered carefully in the article below. Please join us to learn about YOWhatsApp right now.

What is YOWhatsApp?

YOWhatsApp is an application that specializes in activities such as changing and improving mainstream applications.

YOWhatsApp is also used to provide additional functions for Whatsapp. Based on the original application, YOWhatsApp will develop data based on its source code, but it also provides various modifications to the original application.

YOWhatsApp also has the same role as other applications like WhatsApp Plus, OGWhatsApp or GBWhatsApp.

Outstanding features of YOWhatsApp

Change privacy: modify the interface, edit the format and size of files sent via the application. You can choose who can or cannot contact you, who can see your connection status. It will even allow the user to know if the message has been sent successfully.

Additional new fonts to customize the look and feel.

Performance is faster than WhatsApp.

Files such as photos, videos and audio recordings will not be limited in size

More new and more vivid emoticons for users

There are so many different file formats supported in the YOWhatsApp application, which is comprising ZIP, PDF, and APK.

App lock via PIN, fingerprint or pattern.

The easiest and simplest way to install YOWhatsApp

  • Before downloading YOWhatsApp, you should create a backup of your Android phone data in the Settings section.
  • You can now download the YOWhatsApp APK.
  • If your phone is Android 8 or below, you need to go to Settings and select “allow downloads from Unknown Sources” in the Privacy option.
  • After downloading, open it from the notification tray by clicking Open or accessing your download folder via any browser.
  • Click on the APK icon and the installation process will launch.
  • Click Install in the popup window.
  • Once the installation is complete, you can open the application immediately by clicking Open in the corresponding window or you can also search for the icon of the application among your installed applications and tap on shortcut keys in question.

Is YOWhatsApp safe for users?

To download YOWhatsApp, you will not be able to find this application on the official Android market because it goes against the official rules of this operating system platform.

This is an application developed without permission and it is not an official application. In addition, WhatsApp also filed a request to Google to remove YOWhatsApp on the grounds that the application violates intellectual property rights.

In fact, there is no official information on whether this application hides malware, viruses or invades user privacy in any way possible.

Concerning the presence of malware, YOWhatsApp constantly checks all downloads of dozens of different anti-virus software without detecting any threats in YOWhatsApp. Therefore, the APK file you are downloading is safe and will not infect a virus that destroys your device.

However, that does not mean that YOWhatsApp is an absolutely secure application for 100% users. So you should consider carefully before downloading this application for your Android phone.

On the other hand, the YOWhatsApp application will be able to allow third parties to modify the source code without the permission of the application owner, or distributor of their own version.

Sometimes there are bans that cause YOWhatsApp users to use unofficial versions from this app because YOWhatsApp is using WhatsApp Messenger infrastructure and that will force users to reinstall the original application.

And even if you have reinstalled the original application, your phone still has the potential that the above may happen again in the future and you need to have the optimal solution.

Therefore, we recommend that you back up all data on your phone regularly so that you can easily restore the original data if you are banned from using this modification function.

You still have the ability to use YOWhatsApp without any hassle in case your smartphone is durable and of good quality. But you must note that there is no guarantee of the use of YOWhatsApp and your data. 

And you will always be at risk of being banned from using the pirate version of WhatsApp.

In short, with quite a lot of potential risks from YOWhatsApp, you should consider carefully before using this application. We hope that this article has been helpful to you.

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