4 Signs Of A Bad Criminal Defense Lawyer

Ever heard of the term bad eggs? One or two bad eggs in a crate can destroy the other good eggs in the same tray. If you’ve read enough about how ridiculously criminal defense attorneys fail their clients, then you most definitely want to avoid them. Right? That is why I have taken the pain to write this list of the 4 hidden and obvious signs of a bad criminal defense attorney. I hope it helps. Also, if you’re based in Michael Colavecchio and looking for the best lawyer, check out this criminal defense attorney Michael Colavecchio.

Talking To The Attorney

You get to understand people when you talk to them face to face. During your talk, you can find out if your attorney possesses the dominant trait in all bad criminal defense attorneys which is self-centeredness. If he or she keeps talking about themselves more than they are interested in your case and you personally, back out. A good criminal defense attorney should ask all or some or more than the questions listed below.

  • Did you get arrested?
  • Were the police involved in the matter?
  • Do we need to visit the scene of the event?
  • Were videos and or pictures taken during the event?
  • What really happened according to you?
  • Is there a need to make interviews with the witnesses?

And the list goes on.


For any undertaking to be successfully carried out by a team (yes, you and your attorney make a team), there must be a steady, constant communication. But how can you know whether your potential attorney is responsive or is not? Well, you can know this in just 3 days before striking the deal. Through those 3 days, call them often (don’t be a troll) to discuss relevant issues with them. If they are easy to get a hold on for contact, even if it means over the phone, you have a good attorney waiting. Likewise, a bad attorney is unlikely to have an efficient staff. Even if it’s just a one-man office or a more standardized support staff for complex cases, a good attorney must have a support staff that comprises of;

  • A private investigator or more
  • A legal assistant or more than one
  • Some paralegals
  • And some forensic experts

Warranties And Guarantees

Ever listened to a sugar-coated moth speak to you while you keep trying hard to remain sane? Bad attorneys are mostly recognized for their endless promises such as “I will make sure that evidence is brought out” or “we are definitely winning this case”. Some terrible attorneys will go the extra mile to scare you into hiring them. You’ll hear them say “you’ll never get out of this shit without me” or “you’re definitely going to jail without my help”. Run!.


Yes, reputation matters a great deal. And you can only find out if your potential attorney has a good reputation through a thorough background check. Read reviews and watch success stories to know how punctual, knowledgeable, and how result-oriented the attorney is.

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