How to Find the Best Austin Immigration Lawyer

Intercountry relocation into the United States is a big step for individuals, families, and businesses. It usually requires strategic planning and lots of research. To avoid making any mistake that could affect you in the long run, the best thing is to find an attorney who knows how to navigate the immigration system and can guide you all through the process. An Austin immigration attorney can offer you services related to immigration law, such as green card application, employment visa application, family-based immigration, or other immigration law services. 

However, due to the sensitivity of immigration cases, it’ll be best if you only hire a reputable immigration lawyer who has a proven track record of excellence in the field. Thankfully, there are a couple of factors that can guide you in choosing the best immigration lawyer. 

Read on to learn more about the tips for choosing the best immigration attorney.

Tips to Consider When Choosing an Immigration Lawyer in Austin.

Area of Specialization

The law field is a broad profession that can be subdivided into various categories, such as family law, personal injury law, criminal defense law, immigration law, and many more. Immigration law can be further broken down into different categories, such as employment-based services, asylum & refugee immigration services, family-based immigration assistance, citizenship application, and many more. 

So when you’re choosing an immigration lawyer, make sure to choose a lawyer who is experienced in offering the type of immigration law assistance you need. An immigration lawyer that’s familiar with the services you need will be able to enlighten you about all the issues surrounding your case and how best to navigate through the case.

Right Credentials

When you’re looking for an immigration lawyer, ensure to find one who has the right credentials. You can start by checking out the lawyer’s license; the license shows that your lawyer has gone through the right training, taken the necessary examinations, and has passed the BAR examinations. A lawyer’s license is also an indication that the attorney has fulfilled all requirements by the state and is permitted to offer immigration law services in your jurisdiction. If you hire an immigration lawyer that isn’t licensed to practice in your state, for instance, Austin, such a lawyer may not be able to represent you in court.

In addition, if you’re hiring an immigration lawyer in Austin, you could also check if the lawyer is a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA), the State Bar of Texas, and the Austin Bar Association. This will give you peace of mind knowing that your immigration case is being handled by a fully qualified and certified immigration attorney.

Check Out the Lawyer’s Reputation

This factor is particularly important as it’ll help you understand what to expect from a potential immigration lawyer. You can start by checking out the immigration lawyer’s review rating on a couple of review websites as well as on Google. If an immigration lawyer has several positive reviews, it shows that the lawyer has offered quality services to several clients. 

Another way to check a lawyer’s reputation is via their achievement in the field; this can be seen through awards and ratings.

Be Upfront About Your Case

Once you’ve narrowed down your search for an immigration lawyer with the aforementioned points, then you can interview your potential immigration lawyers. To do this, schedule a consultation with your potential immigration lawyers to have your case expertly evaluated and interview your lawyer.

Most importantly, during your consultation, endeavor to be upfront about the nature of your case. Your immigration lawyer needs to know the exact nature of the case so that the lawyer can understand how to step into the case. You can ask questions related to your immigration case so that both you and your lawyer will be on the same page.

Ask About Fees Upfront

Also, when you meet with an immigration lawyer, ask about their fee structure. The best Austin immigration lawyers will be upfront about their fees and can explain how they charge for services. 

Here are some questions to ask about legal fees:

  • How much does it cost to file my green card application or any immigration service you require?
  • What do these fees cover exactly? 
  • Are there extra expenses associated with hiring your services?

All these questions will help you plan how to pay for your lawyer’s services.

When you’re facing an immigration issue in Austin, Texas, finding the right lawyer can make a big difference. A good lawyer will be able to guide you through the process and help get your case resolved as quickly and smoothly as possible. Therefore, endeavor to consider the tips mentioned in this article when searching for a reputable immigration attorney to handle your case.

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