Read this Guide to Samsung Refrigerator Special Features Before You Buy

With all the latest technology and additional features, it is quite a daunting job to find the right Samsung refrigerator for yourself. Over the last few years, the kitchen appliance market is flooded with special features, modern technology, varied styles, and sizes. From the Samsung single door fridge to double door type, multiple models are available in the market, which you may get on EMIs.

Modern Samsung fridges come with several features that may seem to be confusing. Like do you really need everything that they offer? Are you planning to buy a Samsung refrigerator? Here we will give a full guide for the Samsung fridge to unravel the much-needed features before you buy them yourself.

  • Style
  • Capacity 
  • Door Type
  • Energy Star

Guide to Choose the Ideal Samsung Fridge

The latest models of Samsung fridges have extra features, unique in style and capacity. While these features have their niches to utility, you must choose a refrigerator with specifications that you will require. Plus, often, we see that these additional features increase the price and consume the entire storage space. Hence, you will pay more but get the least if you don’t even utilize them.

However, let’s not forget many modern features possess some terrific functionality that may be useful but you may not be aware of- so let’s take a look at them. From Samsung Single Door Fridge to Double door fridge, side-by-side door to French door, there are endless choices for you.

Types of Samsung Refrigerator

First of all, you should invest your valuable time to understand the various features of each type of Samsung fridge. Once you do so, you will be able to make a sound decision while buying.

Samsung French Door Refrigerator

French Door refrigerators have a multiple door design that increases their large units capacity. While the standard size of the Samsung French Door fridge is relatively wider and has up to 800 liters capacity, this kitchen appliance is also available in slim-line styles. So, if you have limited space, you can still choose this type of Samsung refrigerator.  The French Door models have a stylish design that makes them suitable for your kitchen upgrade and a large family.

Moreover, a few Samsung French Door refrigerators, such as the Samsung Family Hub™ range, have smart technology which helps to connect it with your smartphone wirelessly. It also has an inside camera for seeing the contents of your fridge. Interestingly, you can even view mobile content on its built-in screen or stream music while cooking. 

Side-by-Side Fridge

Unlike the Samsung Single Door fridge, they have double doors. The Side-by-Side fridge is designed to open from the middle to the outward direction. These models have up to 700 liters capacity, which is perfect for big families.

Single Door Refrigerators

A Samsung Single door fridge is a unit with a one-door design. This type of model comes with integrated compartments and no separate freezer section. If you have a compact kitchen, this model is suitable for your space. The capacity of a single-door fridge is up to 255 liters.

Double Door Refrigerators

A Double Door refrigerator has a tall unit design that consists of a freezer on the top section and a separate fridge section at the bottom. When compared with the Side-by-side doors and French door refrigerators, they are usually slimmer. Since it allows you to save space, this is ideal for small Kitchen.

Features to Check out

While buying a brand-new Samsung refrigerator, you need to look for the additional features you will benefit from- here are some extras you would find useful.


The size of the refrigerator varies from model to model. If you want to make sure that your kitchen appliance accurately fits the allotted space, look at the measurement. Check out the height, width, depth and add the ventilation space as well.


The capacity of a refrigerator is understandable in liters. Remember to check both the gross and the net capacity of the refrigerator. The gross capacity is the total capacity of the fridge, including the walls. The net capacity refers to the storage amount.

If you want a refrigerator with maximum net capacity, go for the Samsung Side-by-side refrigerator. They come with the SpaceMax Technology™ and have thinner walls.

Energy Efficiency

The stars on the refrigerator are the rating of energy efficiency. The higher the star ratings, the more your refrigerator is capable of saving energy.

Are you still confused about investing so much in one go? We have a convenient option for you. If you want to save money, buy a refrigerator from the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store. They offer No Cost EMIs and zero down payment on a wide range of refrigerators online. 

So, choose your favorite style and features and pick up the right Samsung refrigerator for your kitchen.

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