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If you’re an off-road vehicle owner and enthusiast, you probably have certain features in mind you would like to enhance for better usability. The proper performance parts will have your off-road vehicle working at its optimal functioning. However, as you get all revolutionary with your modifications, always seek professional advice to avoid causing problems to the entire system. Your performance parts should be sourced from authentic dealers like the official Straightline Performance website. 

The good news is that there are lots of upgrades to give you the perfect experience with your ATV, UTV, snowmobile, or dirt bike. You first have to know what you want your off-road vehicle to do better and then look for the best-fit parts to make your dream a reality. There are many recommendations to consider. One way to search for the parts is by going through the inventory of various certified dealers on their websites. You can check out 7 products from Straightline Performance below and how they will improve your vehicle’s overall performance. 

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1. Arctic Cat F6/F7 Lightweight Muffler – Ceramic Coat 

One significant effect of an upgraded off-road vehicle is a notable change in its acoustics. You may notice a more pronounced aggressive rumble after either replacing your whole exhaust system or installing a convenient slip-on exhaust system. This is not to say that the loudest ones have more power. While the increased engine rumble can be an added appeal to some riders, it can be a liability to others, especially if you live in an urban area with designated noise limits. 

This is where the lightweight muffler from Straightline Performance comes in. This enhancement will enable you to enjoy the increased performance of your off-road vehicle while staying within the set noise limits. 

2. Yamaha 700 Grizzly Slip-On Exhaust System

Slip-on exhaust systems, or end cans, are aftermarket budget-friendly exhaust system add-ons that change the look of your off-road vehicle. Although they’ll do nothing to improve engine horsepower or performance, slip-on exhaust systems will significantly improve the aesthetics department of your off-road vehicle. They also help enhance noise from the exhaust system. You can choose a variety of designs depending on your needs. A well-designed slip-on exhaust system should serve its intended purpose without reducing the engine’s performance. Before purchasing one, ensure that the manufacturer is compliant with all expected market safety rules and regulations. 

You can check out the Yamaha 700 Grizzly Slip-On Exhaust System from Straightline Performance for your UTV or ATV. 

3. Polaris AXYS “Rugged Series” Skid Plate (fits all AXYS machines)

If you have a knack for tackling rough terrains, you should always be conscious of the amount of space between your vehicle’s bottom and the ground. Rough terrains without enough clearance can damage the underside of the vehicle. Investing in quality skid plates is a great way to mitigate this damage. 

You can check out the Polaris AXYS “Rugged Series” Skid Plate from Straightline performance. Not only is it designed with superior strength in mind, but it also matches the styling of today’s vehicles. The skid plates provide extra protection from trees, rocks, and other unexpected obstacles along an off-trail road. 

4. Can-Am Renegade 500/570/800/850/1000 Slip-On Exhaust System

Can-Am ATVs are exceptional off-road vehicles, especially for adventurers. They are powerful and have noteworthy designs. You can get a wide range of aftermarket designs for various parts of your Can-Am, and it’s pertinent to be dealing with reputable and cutting edge dealers or parts manufacturers only. If you’re looking to enhance your exhaust system with a slip-on, you might want to consider the Can-Am Renegade Slip-On Exhaust System from Straightline Performance. It can gain up to +5 HorsePower and has an enhanced exhaust note. 

5. Belt-Aid Drive Belt Cooling System

Belt-Aid Drive Belt Cooling System from Straightline Performance should be on your bucket list more so if you love going off-trail and have had your fair share of breaking belts. With this performance part, you won’t need to worry about monitoring the belt temperature, and you can drive peacefully. The belt-aid uses various aspects of the vehicle to decide whether to release the coolant on the belt. These include fuel consumption and throttle position. 

6. Ski-Doo Billet Aluminum Brake Lever

If you’re looking to boost the efficiency of the brakes in your Ski-Doo, Ski-Doo Billet Aluminum Brake Lever by Straightline Performance is an option you should consider. Its two-finger operation style allows for better braking control. The reach is also short, making it suitable if you have a shorter grip.  

7. Ice Scratchers Storm with Carbide Tip  

The 16″ Performance Ice Scratchers with Replaceable Carbide Tip by Straightline Performance is a perfect accessory for a wide range of snowmobiles. The carbide scratcher tip is replaceable and affordable. They are sold in pairs depending on your version, which can be long (16″) or short (12″). 

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