Room Shop and Shopify Inbox: Building Real Customer Connections that Lead to Sales

Millions of Canadians do their shopping online, as it enables them to enjoy competitive prices, a massive range of products, and convenience. With so many hot deals being offered in the US, it can be challenging to take advantage of them if you’re in Canada. But through MyUSaddress , a site offering US addresses for Canadians, you can easily buy things from the US and receive them in Canada. You simply sign up for an account, shop at US companies, and have your order sent to you in Canada.

Shopify Inbox

As more people shift to online shopping, more tools are getting created to boost conversions. The chat feature is not just for handling customer support but can also be used to leverage sales. Most of the dialogues that happen within Shopify Inbox are usually sales-related. This messaging product is helping business owners persuade customers. Through Shopify Inbox, customers can easily form relationships with businesses, so that their needs are anticipated. Most customers confess that they are more comfortable communicating with business representatives through messages as opposed to making calls. Shopify Inbox is a feature-rich app that enables businesses to grow.

Room Shop and Shopify Inbox

Room Shop is an online shop that offers different products like bags, headscarves, and face masks. Originally, this e-commerce business used to be based on Instagram, but soon it was difficult for the owner to manage orders through Instagram messenger. And so, the business created a Shopify account to ensure that the orders could be processed easily. Thanks to Shopify Inbox, Room Shop has achieved numerous benefits like higher profits, good relations with the customers and community, as well as promoting the brand. Shopify Inbox is a powerful messaging app that can help you build a loyal customer base.

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How to Connect with Customers

Communication is an essential factor of business success. Good communication not only ensures satisfactory handling of customer issues but also enhances customer loyalty. Through Shopify Inbox, you can connect with customers and boost business growth.

1. Know the Customer

Customers are not alike; they are looking to buy different things; they are inspired by different things and can be new or regular. And so, when handling a customer through the messaging app, apart from solving their problem, you also need to appeal to them. Also, regular customers warrant more attention and care, because they are loyal.

2. Reply to Issues

Businesses usually go through good and bad times. But you don’t want to be the type of business owner that is readily available when your business performs well but be a no-show when challenges come up. When customers reach out to leave complaints, you need to reply to the problems and provide solutions.

3. Offer Discounts

One of the factors that promote customer loyalty is discounts. Shopify Inbox makes it easy to track customers, and you can easily pinpoint loyal customers. The best way to appreciate loyal customers is by giving them discounts. Also, if your business makes an error that affects a customer, you should make up for it.

4. Follow Up on Existing Customers Purchases

Repeat business is the major driver of business success. Your existing customers play a critical role in elevating your business to the next level. And so, if an existing customer makes a purchase, it’s important to follow up to find out whether they are happy with the product, and suggest ways of making the most out of it.

5. Perform Surveys

Information is an important factor in business growth. You can perform surveys to acquire valuable information about customers. For instance, you can provide a free offer, and attach a survey to it. By acquiring valuable information about new and existing customers, you’re in a position to understand their needs and offer better products and services.

6. Be Appreciative

Customers are sensitive to how a business treats them. If they are treated badly, they can cut links with you, and look elsewhere. But if they’re treated well, they become loyal to the business. One of the things that can cause customers to think highly of you is by appreciating them. You can offer discounts and even a personalized shopping experience.

7. Provide Social Media Content

If your business doesn’t have a social media presence, you’re leaving a ton of money on the table. But it’s not enough to just have social media accounts, you also need to upload quality content, and engage with your audience. In case you have an offer, publish it on social media first.

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