What’s The Difference Between Syncro and Syncro Plus?

For many years now, the Syncro series wetsuits have consistently been one of the most popular choices among consumers. These are high-performance wetsuits on a budget. The Syncro Plus series is a more advanced version of Syncro, with few additional features. Both these series of wetsuits come in different styles with varying thicknesses for user comfort. When discussing affordable wetsuits for men, the Syncro and Syncro Plus series always rank among the most sold types globally. Here we shall take a closer look into both the series of wetsuits to analyze the difference.

How Do Wetsuits Work?

Surfers, swimmers, and people who love to be in water most times through the year find a wonderful tool in wetsuits. But choosing the right one with adequate thickness and features to keep one warm and happy in the waters is equally crucial. These specialized rubber outfits trap a thin layer of water between a user’s body and the outermost suit layer. This layer is then warmed by body heat to the same level to prevent losing more heat in the water. Thus, wetsuits are not meant to keep users completely dry while in the water. The thickness of the rubberized outer determines the warmth it can provide through increased insulation. Wetsuit insulation capabilities owe to the numerous small closed cells of air within the constructing neoprene rubber. As such, a little research on water temperature in your region is important for choosing the appropriate outfit. 

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Common Features of Syncro and Syncro Plus:

i) Stretchflight X2 Neoprene

Both the series of wetsuits have Stretchflight X2 Neoprene built outermost layers. This is a special kind of neoprene rubber with a limestone base. The air cell-rich limestone provides for enhanced flexibility and warmth over traditional rubber to these suits. This kind of neoprene exhibits excellent water repulsion with decreased weight for the wetsuits. More recently, recycled vehicle tires have seen increased use for making Stretchflight X2 Neoprene. And to reduce excessive water consumption in the process, the dope-dying technique is used for the external jersey layer. The entire process is eco-friendly and hence in demand with more expensive wetsuit variants around. 

ii) Warmflight X1 Thermal Liner

Syncro and Syncro Plus wetsuits’ chest and back panel areas comprise a Warmflight X1 thermal lining to retain body heat. These can be identified as red fuzzy panels when the suits are flipped inside out. The mineral-enriched fibers in Warmflight X1 thermal linings convert body heat into infrared energy for generating warmth within. These liners have superior insulation properties that support longer retention of body heat. Moreover, the material dries quicker than the rest of the suit due to its unique construction. Interestingly, brands have come up with an additional amount of this liner for their back zip versions of wetsuits over a gusset at the back of the zipper.

iii) Fit And Durability

True-to-size consistency makes finding a well-fitted Syncro or Syncro Plus easy for anybody. Both the range of wetsuits come in larger sizes, making them a great choice for big-built surfers as well. These wetsuits are highly resilient against wear and tear from regular use. This means lasting durability and lesser fragility over other similar types of wetsuits. Due to their superior fit and impressive durability, the Syncro and Syncro Plus wetsuits are also favored by many for their rental services.

All in all, Syncro and Syncro Plus wetsuits are an excellent pick for first-timers and pros alike. These can prove to be trusty backpack alternatives for professionals on a budget. The Syncro range is promoted more for its flexibility. On the other hand, Syncro Plus wetsuits are known for their exceptional warmth, owing to the added layer of Liquid Flex Seal.

Difference Between Syncro and Syncro Plus:

i) Team and Stitching

An additional taping of Liquid Flex Seal (LFS) over the external stitchings is all that differentiates a Syncro from a Syncro Plus wetsuit. This supplementary tape layer provides dual advantages:

i) Better water repulsion through stitchings at the seams. This means improved trapping of body heat within the suits for added warmth to the users.

ii) Increased durability of the wetsuits through proper distribution of stress against the seams and stitchings. This makes the stitchings less vulnerable to tearing forces while the suits are in use.

Otherwise, both ranges of wetsuits have glued seams with blindstitches. Also, the glue used majorly is water-based to minimize the use of toxic chemicals. These seam stitching norms directly affect the durability and waterproofness of the Syncro and Syncro Plus wetsuits.

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