Nine Pieces of Decor That’ll Encourage More Family Time

It can be hard to find room in your schedule and the necessary energy for family time, but it is important. There are subtle ways to encourage family time, including right in your home. We’ve got a roundup of home décor that may help to boost family time in the house.

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1. A Pool Table

Perhaps the easiest way to encourage family time is to leave alluring pieces that beg to be played in the home. A pool table can be a great option in a den or garage to help boost activity around the house. Whether it is used occasionally on the weekends or throughout the week to get the kids off their phones, a pool table can be a great tool.

2. A Tabletop Game

In the event that a pool table is out of your price range or simply not the best option for your family, you can try a scaled-back version. Nowadays, there are plenty of tabletop options, such as a small foosball set or even a chessboard that can function as sophisticated décor and a meeting point.

3. Family Art

There are plenty of options to bring a sense of togetherness into your home. One of which is wall art that helps elevate the importance of family.

 By keeping a visual reminder for all in the household that the family is number one, it can help promote that bond. Décor can range from simply hanging family photos to creating an elaborate wall design featuring large canvases and more.

4. A Big, Comfy Couch

No one wants to spend an abundance of time somewhere that is uncomfortable. To help encourage family time, make your common areas as comfortable as possible. In the kitchen specifically, try to add a large comfortable couch that can sit all of the family.

 This can mean that it is clean, cozy, and spacious. If the most comfortable areas in a home are the beds in individual bedrooms, that can help to drive the family apart.

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5. Rugs

Also helping to promote a layer of coziness are rugs, particularly if your home has hardwoods or tiles. Cold, hard floors detract from comfortability, not promote it, regardless of how good it looks. Adding carpets in areas like the living room under the couch is a great idea. Similarly, placing an accent rug in the sunroom or even in the kitchen can help to add a layer of homeliness.

7. Boost the Patio

Staying in the same rooms year-round can become boring over time. During the warm summer months, it might be nice to capitalize on your outdoor space to encourage family time. However, outdoor spaces require a little extra attention to make them feel at home. 

Try adding a string of lights, a cozy patio table, and fun décor to add warmth and depth. Making the space the place to be will help drive the family together! The fun part of adding décor and upgrading your space is that it can be customized to your family’s unique needs.

8. Mixed Interests

Adding a bookshelf or two into common areas, such as the living room, can help to make the space inviting to all. The key is to stalk the room with things that attract all family members. For example, a mix of book genres, varying board games, and movies for all. These shelves don’t need to be overwhelming or bursting with items, but a targeted mix can do the trick!

9. Choose Cozy Décor

It’s no secret that there are certain rules to help make a home cozy and inviting. Design experts might recommend throw blankets, fun accent pieces, and warm lighting, and the same goes for bringing the family together. No one wants to sit in a cold, dark room that offers no unwinding aspect. Instead, add small touches that promote togetherness and go from there.

Final Thoughts

There you have it! Helping to promote family time in your home doesn’t need to break the bank or be a huge hassle. Usually, it comes down to finding something that your family loves and helps to make it cozier. For more information on how to make your interior design boast coziness, check out this resource. 

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