Documents Needed To File For Divorce?

Once you have decided to get divorced with your partner, you will have to deal with a legal advisor who will help you process the further step of divorce. 

Your legal advisor won’t be able to start the process until he has your overall information about your marriage and documents related to the marriage.

You have to supply your legal counsel with all the relevant documents. Your records are proofs in writing of your union. However, you need to make a copy of your records before you turn over your papers to your legal advisor.

A digital copy of the documents can also be made so that you can access them anytime you need them. We will discuss the documents required to file a divorce in this post.

What are the documents needed to file for divorce

Document related to income

You can have various types of income-related records. Your legal representative will ask you for records relating to your earnings if you intend to get divorced.

Ensure that all of them are received correctly. Yet don’t forget about yourself keeping a copy. For divorce, the following documents are required.

Paychecks from all sources of employment

No matter you are a government job holder or a private job holder, you will have to provide the documents related to your income. If you are just self-employed, you must provide income tax-related documents to make sure you are earning money legally.

Maybe you owned a business with your spouse before deciding to get divorced. Make sure you provide all the documents about your business.

The paycheck of your spouse

If you are not the only person in the family, then you may also provide documents of your spouse income source because both of you were contributing to the family.

Documents related to your business

When you run a company, together with your partner, you both have to pay the full costs of your business. Business expansion means how much money that you and others have spent. Ensure all bank records are issued and checking resistors and financial statements are issued.

Documents related to the real state

Your legal advisor may ask you for the documents related to the real state. The documents related to the real state are also important before starting the process for divorce. The following documents are needed to file for divorce.

  • If you have any document related to real state or if you own a real state, no matter you own the real state together or separately make sure you provide the documents to your legal advisor.
  • Make sure you provide your recent mortgage statement to your advisor.
  • Provide all the documents of your purchasing the real state.
  • Provide a tax document of your real state.

These are the documents needed if you own a real state to file a divorce.

Document’s related to joint financial accounts

You and your spouse may have a joint financial account. If you have a joint financial account, then you will also have to provide the documents related to your joint financial accounts. Such as

  • Saving accounts passbooks and the certificate of the passbook from the bank.
  • You will also have to provide all the bank statements for the last couple of years.
  • If you own a joint financial account, you will have to provide statements of investment accounts.

Documents related to life insurance

As a Canadian, you may have made life insurance for your own life and your family members. No matter the life insurance is individual or combined, make sure you provide all the important documents related to a life insurance policy.

Documents related to marital debts

You may have created many marital debts such as credit card on your name for your spouse and children’s, medical bills. On the other hand,  you may have other financial loans on your name or your spouse name. Make sure that you have provided all the documents related to marital debts.

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Documents related to a pension fund

If you are planning to get divorced with your spouse, then your legal advisor may ask you for the documents related to your pension funds. You must provide a recent statement of your pension funds and mutual funds which is for after retirement.

Documents related to Automobiles

You may have owned several automobiles while you and your spouse were together. Provide all the information related to cars.

Collect all the registration of all of the cars you owned. If there are any outstanding dues to your automobile company, then make sure you collect all the information.


Making the decision to get divorced or separated from your partner is not easy. But once you decide to get divorced, then you will have to go through some legal procedure of getting divorced.

In this article, I have also discussed documents needed to file for a divorce. Make sure you hire a good legal advisor to begin the process of divorce. I hope the above information will be helpful.

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