The Sport That’s the Easiest to Predict When Betting

Sports betting has spread across the world, allowing sports fans to bet on almost any sport. There are thousands of betting opportunities, whether punters engage in Bangladesh cricket betting or Canadian hockey betting. However, with so many sports available when betting, it’s often easy to become overwhelmed or uncertain when choosing the sports betting market.

While many popular sports attract esports betting, like football, cricket, horse racing, etc., this doesn’t mean they’re the easiest sports for betting. Often, predicting the outcome can be difficult, especially if there isn’t a clear favorite to win and an underdog. This article will briefly touch upon the most popular sports punters bet on and why it isn’t the most predictable sport when betting. It’ll then expand on which sport is the most predictable and why.

The Top Sport That Attracts the Most Betting

When it comes to the most popular sport globally, besides cricket, football is king. Not only does it have a following of more than three billion, but it also attracts the most sports betting. Football offers many matches, tournaments, and the World Cup for bettors to bet on. It’s also a great sport to make different bets or parlay bets. Punters can make simple Moneyline bets, OVER/UNDER bets, and prop bets. With the many teams available to bet on and the different pre-match bets and live bets available, it firmly holds its top position in the sports world.

However, football isn’t the most predictable sport. As with any sport involving teams, it’s much harder to predict if something can go wrong than with individuals. While not strictly a contact sport, it also has many opportunities for players to get injured, and the course of a match can drastically change during a match.

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Easiest Sport to Predict When Betting

While it might not be the most popular sport to bet on, one of the easiest sports to predict when betting is tennis. Tennis is by no means unpopular in the betting market, having a global following of one billion and usually falling in the top five sports punters bet on globally. However, having largely individual matches means it’s much easier to predict the outcome.

Punters can look at the recent matches of a player to try and predict how their next match will go. It’s also easier to immediately see when a player is injured and the impact it’ll have on their match. Unlike in football, a tennis referee also has a lesser impact on the match, meaning there aren’t many outside factors that can influence the match. It generally comes down to the players’ skills.

Tennis also has some clear favorites to win. Often referred to as The Big Three in Tennis, matches with Djokovic, Nadal, or Federer have a clear favorite to win. It’s not often that an outside player will win these matches. However, this means that tennis favorites often have incredibly low odds, as the chances of them winning become more predictable. However, punters who live for the thrill can still experience that in matches where the Big Three play against each other or another big name enters the fray.

Tennis is a sport where it’s easy to follow players or research the players before a match. It’s also a sport that offers relatively straightforward betting opportunities. This makes it easy for new and experienced punters to place bets where the outcome is easier to predict each match. While tennis might not be the most popular sport in the betting market, it remains one of the top five sports to bet on and holds the position as one of the easiest sports to predict when betting.

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