The Top 5 Examples of Benefits of Hiring a Legal Marketing Agency

No matter the size of your law firm, it can benefit from a marketing agency. Marketing is what is going to help grow and become more successful. Marketing is what will help you let people know about your services and experience. You can spend your time thinking of creative ways to market your law firm, which often takes a significant amount of time. Your time is valuable and is better spent helping your clients. A marketing agency can help you move into space where you can encourage engagement and draw in clients. If you are undecided about hiring a legal marketing agency, check out these 5 top examples of what a legal marketing agency can do for you. 

Example 1 – Understanding Best Practices

It is critical to understand that most people look for a law firm that is local to them. This allows them easy access to and communication with their lawyers. It is vital for people that they find a lawyer that has services that meet their needs. The best way to match these two together is to utilize search engine optimization, also known as SEO. The goal of SEO is to put strategies in place that force your website to rank high in search engine results. SEO requires a fair amount of time that would be better spent helping their clients with their legal difficulties. You dedicate a large amount of time working on each case, which is where you excel. When you want to ensure you have optimum results from searching, you want to hire someone who is an SEO expert. You want to hire a marketing firm with expertise and knowledge to drive up your SEO and generate the traffic you want. 

Example 2 – Content, Content, Content

Content marketing is incredibly important to bringing in more traffic to your website and then turning that traffic into clients. When your content is reliable, that translates to you being reliable. The content on your website is going to dictate if people reach out to your law firm. When someone is considering hiring a successful law agency, they want valuable content that they can believe, and they want it to be easy to read. They want a website that is easy for them to move around and find answers quickly. They want easy access to know what your law firm provides. Since content is so important, you do not want to leave it to chance. Hiring a marketing firm guarantees your content, not only on your website but in other important areas. These areas include directories and blogs. 

Blogs are a great way to get multiple messages on your website. It helps you to become a legal resource and offer valuable information through your blogs. It will attract people to your website and potentially turn them into clients. You do not want to have to continually think up new material for a blog. To blog correctly, it takes a fair amount of time. Let someone else create that content for you. 

Example 3 – Advertising

Not just advertising but pay-per-click advertising. With pay-per-click advertising, you only pay for it when someone clicks on your ad, which could save you money long term. It can also mean that those clicking on your ad are serious about wanting more information about your law firm. Most of the time, people are only going to click on an advertisement for legal help when they need legal help. Intentional clicking can also reduce the number of random clicks on your advertisement. Ads can be created, so they appear at the top of searches, thus driving more traffic to your site. You want to hire someone with experience in creating ads. You do not want to do it yourself and hope for the best. 

Example 4 – Social Media

Social media can be a wonderful method by which to advertise and market your law agency. Do you know the social media platform that is going to give you the best results? Probably not, which is why you need to hire someone who is an expert at marketing. Depending on the particular type of law you practice will dictate which social media platform is ideal for your firm. All of the social media platforms are slightly different and reach varying demographics. 

Facebook is still one of the most widely used social media platforms around. You want to consider creating a Facebook page for your law firm if you do not already have one. A Facebook page makes your firm feel more real, more human, and more approachable. Right or wrong, most people already have a negative feeling about lawyers. You want to do all you can to promote your more human side. You want people to feel comfortable with you to encourage them to utilize your services. When you add new social media options to your marketing, you want to make sure you respond to them. When people message you, email you, call you, no matter how they reach out to you, you want to respond to them. There is nothing that will turn away a customer more than a non-response. 

Example 5 – Make Friends (Again) with Email

Last but certainly not least we should focus on email marketing. Lawyers are often referred to people by friends, family, and acquaintances. If someone has a good experience with your law firm, they will tell others. When people need legal representation, they want to find a firm they can trust. The recommendation of your law firm by a trusted source will get you far more clients. When you accept a client, you want to keep that client for life. You want to send out an email that includes newsletters. You can have people subscribe to your newsletter and capture more potential clients. This can help your clients keep you at top of your mind. They can also forward your newsletter out to their friends. If your newsletter has information worth sharing, your clients will share it. A marketing firm will not only create your newsletter but will create and maintain a database of clients and contact information. They will ensure the contact list stays current and will continually add to it. There is very little work required from you.

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