Does Facebook Advertising Work for Lawyers?

Any knowledgeable service provider understands that a laid-back approach isn’t the best way to have customers beating a path to their door. Let’s face it, the legal field is a highly competitive one. How do you deal with your competitors? What are some of the tools you use to generate leads for your professional entity?  Do Facebook ads for lawyers work? Or better yet, can such ads work for you? Yes, but it depends on the approach you take. Please stick with me to learn how Facebook advertising can deliver results. Here we go.

Why Facebook Ads Make Sense

Do you know that most Fortune 500 companies market their products and services on social media? That shows they are onto something, right? What are the perks of using social media?  Unsurprisingly, more than half the world relies on social media in one way or the other. The implication is that such an audience provides targeted reach- simply put, it makes it easier to engage with your target audience. 

We know what you might be thinking: how can a law firm establish the ideal platform to use? Social media use is largely business-dependent. Thus, one law firm may opt for a specific media platform over another in light of its needs, budget, and other reasons. 

Facebook is the largest platform, with 2.9 billion monthly active users in 2022. It attracts users across generations, making it a viable option for a firm intending to adopt a digital marketing strategy. Let’s now look at how you can make it work for your law firm. 

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Target Your Audience 

A great starting point would be to have a strategy in mind. By leveraging such a strategy and your budget, you can create awareness, connect with your audience or existing clientele, and convert leads into customers.  

How can you target potential clients? Facebook’s built-in analytics does the heavy lifting for you by providing real-time data you can work with. Thus, you can update your marketing strategy to enhance your law firm’s visibility without busting your budget. Some of the potential-client-related data that would be useful to you include the following: 

  • Their interests and activity level
  • Related topics they follow or share
  • Pages they like

Facebook lets you run ad campaigns that target specific demographics, age groups, and other factors. Case in point, a divorce attorney would target a different audience from a criminal lawyer. Doing so provides some level of control by only reaching out to the potential clientele you’re after with your ad messages.  

Maintain Fresh Ads

You only have a few seconds to grab the attention of the average Facebook user. So, make it count by ensuring your ads are captivating. You can’t afford to run an advert and forget about it. If you’re not into freshening your content regularly, Facebook might not be the platform for you. Why?

Your Facebook audience is likely to get tired of repetitive ads. Before you know it, they are scrolling other topics or items, making your ads ineffective. To keep potential leads interested, consider switching up your ads and make them as striking as possible by incorporating images. 

In so doing, you can get your target audience to pause for a moment to have a look at your ad. Think out of the box when using images, but ensure they align with the legal service you offer. 

Have Your Practice Area in Mind

A criminal lawyer’s marketing approach varies from one an employment attorney would adopt. On that note, use your area of practice as a reference point when creating Facebook ads. For example, a man seeking a personal injury attorney may post a Facebook status update regarding an accident they were involved in. You could use such a data point to target him through an ad, which may get them to convert. Conversely, if you’re a criminal lawyer, you can target a demographic in an area reported as having high incidences of crime. 

Be fluid and creative in your approach. You can even test your ads to gauge results and tweak them accordingly if need be. Doing so would help you run the ideal ads that garner engagement and attain your goals. 

Remember the Basics

Marketing content is irrelevant without a call to action(CTA). A CTA is a response you intend to elicit from your audience or prospective clients. A compelling CTA can turn leads into customers. Thus, if you plan to improve conversion rates, include CTAs in your adverts. Lastly, although we haven’t covered all the elements to incorporate in your Facebook ad strategy, we hope you now know how such ads may help you reach your audience and realize your marketing goals. 

Consider working with a marketing expert familiar with Facebook advertising rather than going it alone. They can help fine-tune your strategy and handle all the minute details relating to client acquisition and engagement. Meanwhile, you focus on what you are great at delivering value.  

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