How to Add Element of Vintage to Your Room

The world of vintage has been a favorite for many, and no, it is bleeding into the interior decoration aspect as well. There is something about ornamenting your rooms with the elements of yesteryears that makes us feel more homely.

Do not get us wrong; there is nothing wrong with modern decoration. But, evidently, the vintage has much more to explore.

  • Vintage cottage core.
  • Vintage rusty.
  • Vintage shabby chic, &
  • Vintage dark academia.

These are not essentially interior designing terms since they are more popularized due to social media and pop culture. But they add a piece of the dweller’s character in the rooms. 

So, coming back to vintage, here are some of the ways you can add the element of vintage to your room. If you read the excerpt thoroughly, you will find elements, furniture, and designs in addition to your rooms. 

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You wouldn’t want to be too hasty and add something which doesn’t suit the room. Then why not decorate it digitally first. You can download software that scans your room and shows you a 3D replica of it. You can then decorate it before placing the items in the room. 

Yes, this software is expensive, but why not download it for free from RARBG.

The Vintage Elements

The term vintage means something which has aged like fine wine. So, here are some of the elements which you can add to your room to give it a vintage touch.

Rustic Wood

Rustic wood screams vintage! Even if your wood furniture or wallpaper is new, they add a touch of wisdom and years. So, if you are looking for furniture for the room which will have a vintage touch, try dark wood for the table, beds, and even mirror frames and vanity.

Vanity Items

Vintage vanity items are making a comeback to the interior designing and beauty industry. People are boycotting the mindless use of plastics and buying vintage compacts, mirrors, combs, and other vanity items from thrift stores and auctions. You can make a day out of it, and the pieces you will find are nothing less than jewels.

Old Items

The term vintage itself means something from the gone days. So, do you always have to spend your penny and buy them, or can you reuse the ones which you already have? For example, you have some old trunks, wooden boxes, newspapers, letters, and books. Use these as ornaments for your new room, and stop going to the store to buy something new all the time.

A Little Unorganized

Vintage decor is not very organized. You can have a random globe in the corner of the room or books tacking from the floor to the ceiling. It is these imperfect homely elements that can make your room look more vintage. So, stop putting everything in a straight line, and try to keep the setting a little random.

Lights & Lamp Shades

Other than your normal fluorescent light tubes, vintage has to do more with hanging lights and lampshades. If you go back further, you will find vintage designs from a time when the light was not even invented. Therefore, you can decorate your room with warm-tone lights or get vintage lampshades. If you want to go over the top, you can light the room with long-stem candles as well. 

Gold Photo Frames

Vintage dwelled in less plastic. So, try to get more gold metal frames for your pictures. You can add a wall of memory or, better, style your wall with vintage art from your favorite time period. They can be a little expensive but try second-hand thrift items. They will help you add that worn-out character to the frames.

Stray Away From Modern Elements

Sometimes you do not need to buy tons of vintage items. Simply try not to decorate your room with too modern elements. For example, other than a digital clock, why not get a vintage-looking one. Sometimes things do not have to look vintage; they just need the touch.

There you have seven ways you can add the flair of vintage to your house of 2022!

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