Style Your Walls Using These Ideas to Make Your Home Shine

Every room in the house serves a purpose and you decide the furniture of the house accordingly. There are many ways in which you can decorate the rooms but the most impactful part of any room are the walls. They speak volumes about the tone you are trying to set and can bind the ambiance of the room well. Since every room has its own story to tell, let us take a look at what you can do best in each room. 

Living Area

This is the area most visited by guests and also the room in which you display your most prized arts and artifacts. The walls of your living area should be adorned with the best. A textured wall or murals look beautiful and up the style quotient. If you are planning to hang your art in the living area, you may wish to go with a somber color so that the real focus stays on the art instead of the wall. 


The kitchen is the area that gets the messiest and there should be a line between classy and functional. One of the ways you can protect your walls is by going for waterproof paint in the kitchen. This might not prevent all the damage but helps contain it. 

Kids’ Bedroom

It is easy to guess which paint should be used in this bedroom. If you have toddlers, you can expect some art on the walls from time to time. The best bet in a kids’ bedroom wall painting is plastic paint. It is easy to clean and waterproof as well as crayon-proof! If you wish to paint some cartoons or keep things colorful, you can do so on the ceiling as well. 

Master Bedroom

It is said that the bedroom should have calm colors so that you feel relaxed just before you are about to sleep. Pastel shades, especially blue or green can have a calming effect. Bedroom wall painting should also be done keeping in the direction of the natural sunlight. You can use the Asian Paints cost calculator to get an estimate of how much you will end up spending.

Terrace or balcony

If you have an outdoor area, then you can create something special that can be cozy as well as functional. A wall of deep blue or green can serve as the perfect background for your outdoor seating. You can even have a walled garden to cover some walls while the other is covered in beautiful shades of color. Since the wall will be facing outwards, you can paint this wall without inhibitions and tap into your creative side. 


The cloakrooms are a tricky business to handle and although the paint is not a wise choice, there are some parts you just cannot avoid. The ceiling above the shower cubicle or bathtub should be made of a durable material like marble or stone as steam can affect the paint and mold formation is quick. The paint can also start unpeeling in some cases. 

These are some ideas about the kind of paint that can be used to make your home more attractive as well as functional. The magic of a lovely wall and a ceiling should never be underestimated and those are parts that are seen the most in a house.

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