6 Genius Ways to Decorate a Blank Wall

There are numerous other things apart from light fixtures and curios that can add to the overall looks of our rooms. One of the best out of them all is decorating the walls. By decorating the walls you can give your rooms a unique personality and style. Whether you are an art collector, a nature enthusiast, or a book lover, your walls can be customized so that you can be surrounded by the things you adore. Here are 6 genius ways to decorate the blank wall of your house –

Add Hand Painted Design

Hand painting can add so much class to any space and when it comes to a blank wall hands down hand-painted designs are the best thing to add to the wall. At the same time, if you are looking for a delicate design option then choosing to hand paint your wall is highly recommended. To make the wall look amazing, you can incorporate any sort of design including flowers, trees, and even paintings of birds. 

Hang Photo Frames

If you want to decorate your wall in a simple and inexpensive way then the best way to do that would be by adding photo frames. Photo frames can showcase your personality on your wall in the easiest way. Whether it is a picture of your family or a painting of your favorite object, you can hang these frames all throughout your walls and they will provide a customized look to your room.

Hang Wallpaper

If you are trying to an ugly or dull wall of your house then there is no better option than hanging wallpaper. Wallpapers are the most commonly used and really effective technique to hide ugly walls as it entirely covers the wall. It can add instant flair and it’s very easy to do. Go for grey wallpapers because they can give your home a chic, cool look. As an example, 1Click Wallpaper has a collection online to find light, dark, textured, and striped grey wallpapers.

Install Shelving

If you’ve run out of floor space for bookshelves, take your collection to the wall. Decorating shelves is a fabulous way to bring personality to your home. Whether they are fixed to the wall or part of a freestanding unit, shelves offer the perfect surface for curating beautiful arrangements to put the finishing touches to any room. Install floating shelves and display hardcovers, small sculptures, and other odds and ends.

Hang up Mirrors

Mirrors aren’t just designed to add a decorative touch to an interior. They are also the perfect solution for making a space feel brighter and larger. A single small mirror on a wall can have a strong impact and create an intimate experience. To display several smaller pieces, you should try to hang an oversized mirror. 

Textured Wall

Using different textures and then painting them with a bright color is one of the most trending ways of decorating your walls. When the wall is coated with the final layer of cement, these textures are created before being painted. It is very easy to maintain and you can change the color whenever you want without having to alter the design this is the best part of decorating your walls using this option.

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