How to Date a Gamer-Girl?

Gamer girls are a lot more common than you may believe, but that doesn’t mean they are easy to date. We found useful information for anyone who wants to know how to date a gamer-girl correctly with the help of the beyondthecharter community, and we are ready to share it with you. Use these tips to stay engaged with your gamer girl partner and have a great time!

Play Games with Her as Much as She Wants

The majority of a relationship is built upon spending time with your partner doing things that they love. In the case of video game lovers, it should be obvious that you would spend as much time as possible playing games with your date. You and your partner may both love games, but you might not like the same genres. You should take some time to find a game that you can both play together and enjoy. Otherwise, you can play together, separately. That means putting your computers or systems in a room and playing them at the same time. 

Be Supportive and Maintain Her in Stressful Gaming Cases 

You have to be very supportive of your partner when she is playing video games. Even if she is not a competitive player or someone trying to earn a name for herself, it’s important to help her feel loved and supported while playing games, especially when she gets stressed out. A certain level may be beating her down, a boss fight might be too strong, or a puzzle might seem impossible to solve. Stay by her side, root for her, and don’t be shy to take the initiative in your own hands. If anyone can help her solve her gaming issue, it’s you! You should also make sure that you are your partner’s best advocate for health reasons. Staring at a computer all day can cause headaches, and sitting in a bad position can cause body strain and pain. Remind your partner to go outside, look at things at different distances, and stretch out!

Appreciate Her Achievements

Video games can present many sorts of challenges that your partner may take on. Some enjoy getting 100% completion in a video game or performing a speed run. No matter what your partner does, you should take time to rejoice in their success and keep them happy about their outcomes. You could even turn her achievements into a cause for celebration where you go out for dinner or otherwise bask in the success! 

Visit Gaming Events with Her

Any event can be a nice reason for a date, so why not an event centered around gaming? Numerous video game events are occurring throughout most countries and in large cities. Find the events that are happening that she likes and buy some tickets. You can surprise her and then plan your trip. Big events like BlizzCon are great places to go with your partner, but you should also consider going to conventions that engage in cosplay and meetups with online friends. Remember that you do not have to feel the same level of excitement as your partner does toward these events to have a good time!

Finding a gamer girl to date is easier than you think since so many women enjoy video games. When you meet a woman who wants to date you and play video games, you have to treat her right. Always look for ways to love and support your partner, and you can’t go wrong. Following the tips that we’ve laid out here and keeping an open mind will help you both have a long and happy relationship with one another.

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