How to Use Instagram Insights?

Instagram is one of the most widely used social media platforms. The app is constantly being upgraded to facilitate the dynamic changes of the internet. Instagram Insights is one of these upgrades. In 2016, this new feature was introduced for business pages that helped brands understand how many customers they can reach. 

Several digital marketing services have started handling the social media accounts of brands who want to dive into the eCommerce world.  

Instagram Insights allows users to measure their performance with the use of analytics on every post. This helps businesses better understand the behaviours of their target audience. Users of the app can understand if they are posting too often or not posting enough. Many times, brands can be targeting the wrong audience and Instagram Insights help understand this. Insights also help brands analyze what time of the day is suitable to get more engagement This information can significantly improve the brand’s performance and derive value from it. Instagram is thus a vital component in any brand’s digital marketing strategy. 

Features on Insights 

Brands can access several details through their Instagram Insights. Below are some of the Interesting features offered by Instagram. 

Instagram Impressions

With Impressions, business pages can view the total number of times their post has been viewed in a set time frame. It also allows you to know how the users reached your post while scrolling through their feed or by directly visiting your page. 

This is applicable to photos, videos, stories, and IGTV. 

Instagram Interactions 

Interactions indicate the number of times actions have taken place on your account. It includes how many users have visited your profile, if they have clicked on the link in the bio, and who all have checked your business location if you have linked your address to your account.  

Instagram Engagements

This feature helps you view the total number of unique accounts that have saved, liked or commented on your posts. But it doesn’t let you view the number of times a unique account has commented on your posts. You can also calculate your engagement rate for better insights. You simply have to divide the number of likes and comments by the number of followers you have to get the engagement rate. 

There are several other features that are offered by Instagram and third-party tools that let businesses view insights. For example, with Profile Visits feature, brands can check the total number of profiles that have viewed their accounts. And Mentions feature show the number of times the brand’s account has been mentioned by other users.

How to get Instagram Insights

The use of Instagram Insights has increased over the last few years. With the growing demand for digital marketing, businesses must make the best use of Instagram analytics tools. Here are some of the best apps and tools available for businesses on Instagram. 

Instagram Insights 

It is always best to start with what’s free and easily available. Businesses can use the in-built analytics offered by Instagram. This tool shows you which posts are popular and what is the reach. You can also compare your normal posts with your promoted posts to see if the paid ones are worth the investment. 

The limitation of this tool is that insights can only be accessed through the mobile app version. It doesn’t work on a desktop which makes it less user-friendly. But it is a good tool for businesses that are just starting their online marketing journey. 


Keyhole is a paid Instagram analytics tool. Its speciality is tracking the performance of every individual hashtag on your posts. This helps in understanding if brands are using the right hashtags or not. Keyhole arranges your top hashtags by how much engagement they receive. You can customise these hashtag reports for your client demonstrations, showcasing the value of social media marketing.  

Keyhole also allows you to view which brand influencers (if you have any) are bringing in more followers. If certain influencers are bringing in more engagement than others, then their posts can be prioritised. 

Social Sprout

This is a great Instagram analytics tool that helps in scheduling, publishing and analysing multiple accounts at once Social Sprout allows you to generate hashtag report to help you identify effective strategies for social media. It also lets you check which hashtag has the highest engagement rate and can help in increasing your brand awareness and ROI in the long run. 

HubSpot Social Inbox

This tool offers many features that have proved to be helpful to several businesses. Through this paid tool, users can create custom keyword monitoring to track the conversation with others about their brand. They can use this feature to communicate with customers or interested parties at all times.

It also helps brands identify the impact of their social media posts on their business. It can do so by showing reports on your social strategy on Instagram and calculate its impact on followers.

Benefits of Insights 

With the help of Analytics, useful information can be gathered. This valued data has helped several businesses receive a boost in their digital marketing and reach. Following are a few benefits that seem too good to be true for businesses.

Understanding Target Audience

With Instagram analytics, brands can break down metrics based on demographics. They can access the age, location, gender, etc of these demographics which will help them better understand their audience. Insights can also provide information about customers’ interest and purchasing behaviour. 

Understanding the target audience can help brands personalise their content that will appeal to their customers. 


Brands can end up spending a large amount of time trying to figure out what is their best marketing strategy on Instagram or which post is doing better than others. In order to save their time, they can easily access free/paid Instagram insight apps and check their performance. 

The calculated data by these apps is sufficient knowledge for brands to know what changes they should be making to their existing online strategies. These insight apps are time saving and efficient tools for your brand. 

Comprehensive Information

Most paid analytics tools provide so much more than just some basic information about customers. They give a comprehensive knowledge of the target audience. For example, apps such as Union Metrics help view influential accounts who are using your hashtag, best posts, follower’s demographics, the best time to post, etc. 

Another great benefit of these tools is that they let you download and export this data so that your brand can create their own customised reports. Paid tools can also be used to compare your campaigns with your competitors in terms of likes, engagement rates and comments. 

Helps in overall performance 

With the type of reach that is offered by Instagram insight apps, brands can become the leaders in their sectors. With the help of Instagram Insights, brands can produce content that is preferred by their followers. This way, they can optimise their Instagram account and gain several new followers who are interested in their products and services.

With an increase in their overall performance, brands can reach ultimate success with the help of such simple tools. 


Analysing these insights may seem challenging to some. There are agencies that guide businesses in the right direction for digital marketing. Brands have the opportunity to reach out to an advertising agency and seek advice. 

There is an abundance of data that can be used effectively. With the help of Instagram Insights, businesses have a great chance at expanding their reach and meeting future potential customers.

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