Is Abortion Murder?

There is controversy around abortion, whether it is murder or not. Today it is one of the most sensitive topics both socially and politically. Abortion may be murder, but most people do not agree with it since it is a woman’s entirely personal decision whether or not she wants to get aborted.

If she doesn’t want a child to be born, then she should get an abortion. But she’s got to follow the abortion law. Is about murder or is not based on the perspective of each human being. In this article, we’ll be debating whether or not abortion kills.

What Is Abortion?

Abortion is a procedure that prevents a child from being born. Medicine and operation are required for this procedure to end the pregnancy cycle. A qualified doctor carries out this procedure because only professionals can operate the process safely.

A woman is still entitled to decide whether or not she wants an abortion. But you have to consult a medical professional if you talk of abortion.

Different Types Of Abortion

Once you decide to get abort, you must consider consulting with a health care professional because you can determine what type of abortion is suitable for you. 

Two kinds of abortion are medical abortion and surgical abortion. These two types of abortion are done within 24 weeks of pregnancy. If it is done after 24 weeks, there is a significant amount of risk of life or the women will never be able to get pregnant.

  • Medical Abortion

Medical abortion is a process of abortion where the mother has to take two abortion pills to avoid pregnancy. If you don’t want to have the baby, you must consult with a professional within 24 weeks of pregnancy. Only the professional or doctors will be able to prescribe medicine. Medical abortion doesn’t require surgery. You need to take the abortion pill if you are expecting a baby.

  • Surgical Abortion

Surgical abortion is a process of abortion where the mother has to go through an operation to avoid pregnancy. If you don’t want to keep the baby, make sure you consult with a professional. A professional will decide whether you should go through surgical abortion or medical abortion.

Surgical abortion requires the operation of the womb. To continue the surgical procedure, the doctor uses three types of sedation that are local anaesthetic, conscious sedation and deep sedation. Most people prefer to have deep sedation during the process of surgical abortion.

According To The Law, Is Abortion Murder?

Many of us believe that doing abortion is murder. Most people think killing a human child is not right morally and religiously. But the actual definition of murder is, if a person kills another person intentionally, then it will be considered as murder.

According to law, they are not killing a human being, instead of killing an unborn child inside the mother womb. So it is not killing rather than a decision.

The Theoretical Point Of View

Two men, for example, went one day to search for deer in the forest. They had hunted deer apart from each other separately. One of the guys shot his friend wrongly thinking honey and mistakenly died. It is murder in general terms. Yeah, murder, but no intention of killing. He was saying he was shooting at the deer.

Now, think about abortion. If the women decide to get an abortion and her doctor feels that they are not killing a real person, then on their point of view, abortion is not murder. But even it is a murder it will be considered as third-degree murder or involuntary manslaughter.

Third-degree murder means if someone kills a person without having any intention of killing. Again, involuntary manslaughter implies if a person kills another person without having any plan to kill.

Still, because of negligence, if it causes death, then it will be considered as involuntary manslaughter. Yes, abortion is done by the decision of the mother and to avoid pregnancy. Sometimes, it needs to be done to save the mother also.

Although there was the intention to kill the unborn child in the womb, the unborn child is not considered as a person. So, if an unborn child is not considered as a person, then abortion is not murder.

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Yes, I admit abortion is not right. But abortion is legal if the mother decides to get the abortion. If the mother wants to keep the child, but the father doesn’t want it, then abortion will be considered as murder. I have already pointed out my view on is abortion murder or not. I hope the above information will be helpful.

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