The Last and Underrated Mile of the Email Marketing Race

Designing a data-driven marketing strategy requires thoroughness. So we can’t skip any steps. And of course, data management can never be neglected. The data we collect will help us to design an efficient strategy, then, this strategy will be useful to meet the objective, but without data automation, there is no strategy

So no matter how much money, time, and resources you invest in email marketing campaigns, if there is no good lead management optimization, failure is assured. 

An appropriate idea is drawn in the following picture: you’ve been preparing for months for a race and you’ve reached 80% of the way, but when you only had the last 20% to go, you stop because you ran out of energy.

So, to avoid failure in email marketing strategies, we present to you in this article how to make your email marketing strategy reach the end of the race, standing out from your competitors.

What is Email Parsing?

When we talk about email parsing, we refer to an automated process done by a program that is able to extract specific data from emails and attached documents. With this, the data processing is optimized, leaving aside the arduous work of collecting the information manually.

Through this process, the program is able to collect information such as phone numbers, leads, addresses, and any data that can be useful for the design of an email marketing strategy. 

Email parsing is vital in strategy design and lead management. It will take care of capturing the leads in your system and then processing them.

When the information is automatically collected, it will be processed optimally and can be sent to a CRM, such as Zapier, Zoho, and others. Although it can also be saved in Excel if you want to take care of data management.

On average, during a month an office worker might receive about 3600 emails. So estimating an average of 5% human error (being generous), 120 emails per month would be lost. Of course, it is understood that not all mail is lost, so it would be that volume of error spread over all the mail received throughout the month.

A completely useless loss that would only result in less efficiency and benefits for our campaigns.

To avoid the above, you must implement email parsing in your workflow. And for this, you need an Email Parser, which is the software that through establishing parsing rules, allows you to extract data from emails and attached documents


Email parsing is capable of generating excellent benefits for businesses that design strategies that incorporate it. To give you an idea of how useful it can be, here are some of its main advantages:

Increases Accuracy

The work done by a human can have errors, this is practically inevitable, even if it is done by someone with a lot of experience. But when technology is involved, the accuracy is greater. Therefore, the information will be exported automatically and the data will always be reliable. And not only that but it will also be kept up to date.

You Save Time

In business, time is of the essence. Every minute can help you get a new customer. And if you waste time analyzing data manually, your sales can go down. But with this software, lead data will be exported automatically, improving your business.

Increased Reliability

If the data is processed manually, there may be errors, but if it is exported in an automated way, and directly from the e-mails, there will be no failure. All customer information will always be protected.

Increased Adaptability

You have full control over what types of data will be exported. Depending on the strategy you design, the information in the emails is not really important. You can then choose which data you want to collect and you can configure the filters. This way you can set the criteria that will determine what information will be exported and saved.

More Autonomy

Through email parsing, you are in control of every move. You can choose when to do the data collection; you will determine how to do it by applying filters and you will choose where the information will be saved, which can be in a CRM, Google Sheets, or even in Excel.

This gives you full control over the management of the information. You will never lose control of the data that has been collected, and the best thing is that you can change it whenever you want. So it will adapt to your needs.

management of the information

Why Email Parser?

We won’t deny it, there are a lot of competitors out there, but none offer what Email Parser does. Out of all, this is by far the best email parsing software you can find.

The software works intuitively, so you can start working right away. It works with simple rules that allow you to choose the position in which the data should be captured. But there are also more specific rules, all of which you can customize in a matter of minutes.

Email Parser is suitable for all types of marketing plans. This is because thanks to its wide range of functions, it is useful from simple data extractions to more complex ones that will offer you an automated and optimized analysis that no other email parsing software can do.

Besides that, being the only software that has an application for Windows. That creates a comparative advantage from the simplest extractions using basic rules to much more complex configurations of customized data extraction at the highest level. 

Moreover, it is the only one that, thanks to the Windows App, does not have a credit system and can offer unlimited parsing of emails and documents.

So, if you want to win the race in your email marketing strategy you need to add email parsing to your workflow to optimize and professionalize the extraction of information from your email marketing campaigns.

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