Online Marketing Strategies You Should Consider In The Post Covid World

The post COVID world feels like something out of a dystopian nightmare. It has wreaked havoc globally, causing a health and financial emergency. With businesses closed and self-isolation and quarantine in place the world of business is faced with new challenges.

Online Marketing has gained immense importance in the past 6 months. It is more imperative than ever before to ethically market online and explore what the virtual world has to offer. Let’s dive into some of the essential tips to keep your business afloat in these uncertain times.

Visual Information:

The age of the internet has caused a great shift in how we perceive language. With a drastic shift from text to visual information, it is important to make visually saturated content.

  • Use interesting animations and infographics to enhance your content.
  • Visual references are easily identified by consumers and prove to be more engaging. Use channels like YouTube and Vimeo to target your relative audience.
  • In order to further optimize your search results, use essential keywords in your video titles. This will allow an organic flow to your website, improve your ranking on the Google Search Engine page and possibly increase web-conversion.
  • Optimize images and videos using the right format and size.
  • Design creative Click to action buttons and embed them on your videos strategically.

Online Directory Submissions:

Online directory submissions are essential, in order to direct a quality audience to your Business webpage/site.

  • Submitting to online directories such as yelp – Craigslist enhances your credibility online.
  • Embedding external links in well-indexed directories can bring the right amount of traffic and visibility to your page.
  • It is essential especially in the post COVID world to target your audience through creative ways.
  • Submit under carefully chosen categories.
  • An essential tip when it comes to submitting under categories is to choose the ones with the least amount of listings.
  • Be direct, minimal and honest.
  • Use essential keywords and hooks in your titles
  • This is the best way to optimize your search engine results and ranking.
  • Optimize your Google my business page listings and update them regularly.

Rewards For Online Shopping:

Since quarantine and social distancing are in place and most of the physical outlets are closed. It is essential to reward customers online in order to engage them effectively.

  • Introduce new and exciting offers and rewards for your customers.
  • Offer discounts on purchases made online.
  • Use referrals to attract new customers.
  • Offer gift cards and vouchers on particular purchases.

Ethical Reforms:

The post COVID world has enlightened us to embrace change and welcome new creative solutions actively.

  • It is imperative to build a sense of ethical commerce.
  • Rethink – reform – reinvent ideas and solutions to help build your business.
  • You need to reimagine your business module in order to benefit your consumer and yourself mutually, while maintaining a sense of transparency and goodwill.
  • Your customers need to know why they should invest in your product/service.
  • Develop sustainable solutions to set a foundation to resolve the new dystopian problems.
  • Create – Innovate and execute seamlessly.
  • Encourage inclusivity and listen to your clients actively.
  • Be actively invested in social and environmental problems or affects your business might have on the world around you.
  • Ensure safety and precautionary measures to sterilize products before delivering.
  • Educate your audience on the importance of ethical commerce.

The post COVID world might have caused a great amount of strain on various businesses. Considering this it is essential to practice the best possible ways to market your product and services online. These simple but essential hacks will help improve your brand visibility during these uncertain times.

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