Creative Pregnancy Announcement Ideas & Gifts You Can Buy

You’ve been feeling weird for a few days, maybe a little upset or bloated … you’re tired and sleepy all day. You don’t know whether to worry or be happy, and that’s when he decides to take a pregnancy test, and voilaaaaá, you are pregnant! Ufff how many feelings, suddenly the emotion invades you, you feel joy, you want to cry and laugh simultaneously. You do not know whether to run to tell your boy or give him a surprise with a gift included. We propose several ideas on how to announce a pregnancy to the father and the family in an authentic, fun, and very emotional way.

Ideas for announcing a pregnancy to your father

There are all kinds of ideas to announce the pregnancy to the father, some straightforward and straightforward and others a little more elaborate, but all are very original, friendly, and will touch the heart.

The predictor or pregnancy test and a note: you can put the positive predictor in a box or an envelope with a letter telling the future father that you are expecting a baby. You can take the opportunity to comment on your joy, your fears, your feelings, and how happy you feel that he is the father of your children.

A 3D Crystal Photo

One of the best ways to engrave such love is to order personalized crystals online.

Just select your favorite picture of you together, and you’ll get the 3D copy of it! ArtPix 3D blog provides you with tons of valuable ideas on how to show your love with a crystal online. For example, 14 Uplifting Gift Ideas to Get Rid of the Winter Blues will give you some ideas. You can choose from variable crystal types and find the chosen one for your dear mother.

Pregnancy Memory Book

Pregnancy Book: A pregnancy scrapbook is an excellent idea on how to announce pregnancy to dad. Parents can fill in all their experiences, feelings, and experiences during the nine months of pregnancy. It can be completed with photos, ultrasounds, the choice of the name (s), the sex of the baby, etc. If the father feels involved in the pregnancy, he will live it more intensely, and it will be one of the best experiences of his life.

A message on the belly: you can paint your stomach with a heart and the message “baby on the way” or two baby footprints and an I love you daddy !. Another option is to paint a smiley face and the message Hi Daddy! Can you imagine his surprised and happy face?

Pregnancy Announcement

Gifts to announce pregnancy to dad

Including a gift for dad is a new and different option to announce a pregnancy.

A personalized baby bodysuit with the message “You will be the best dad in the world” will blow your mind. It is a detail that you will remember for its originality, and you can keep with your most precious memories. In your clothes drawer or hanging on a hanger in your closet, it will not go unnoticed.

A toy for newborns or an attachment duvet is another idea that will surprise and excite you simultaneously. You can hide it under his pillow or in the bathroom among his potions and wait for him to find him with the face of I was not.

Some booties or baby socks are a classic but infallible gift. If you choose them in white, gray, or mint green, they will be valid for girls and boys. You can put them in a box of slippers that you have at home and make him believe that you have bought him a new pair. When you open the box, you will find the mini shoes and will freak out with excitement.

A pacifier or bottle are also distinctive gifts but with a straightforward implicit message. You can find them personalized or non-personalized in maternity stores, pharmacies, or supermarkets. With funny notifications or different designs adapted to all tastes. The moment she reached into her jacket pocket and found a pacifier is a moment she will never forget.

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How to announce a pregnancy to family and friends

To announce the arrival of a baby to the family, be it, grandparents, siblings (if any), friends, uncles, cousins, and others, we usually take our time. Typically, it is generally expected until the third month of pregnancy to ensure sound and avoid frustrations.

At this point, there are thousands of fun ideas that you can adapt to surprise and announce the news.

If you want to announce it to your whole family simultaneously, organize a meal or snack and surprise them with a different menu, you can put cookies for babies and baby food. You are making your pacifier or stroller-shaped cookies would be great. You can find cookie cutters with fun designs in specialty houses. Another good option is to prepare a cake for dessert with a personalized cake topper with the message “We will have a baby.” Imagine everyone’s faces …

Baby Shape Cookies

After eating, you always want a digestif, which you think is a personalized bottle of cava and a few glasses that say “The best grandmother / The best grandfather.” The grandparents will be stunned and will not know whether to laugh, cry or hug you.

If you are not a chef and want the ad to be more intimate, you can surprise the grandparents with a bit of a gift.

A personalized baby bodysuit with the message “My Abu is the best in the world” or a customized mug that says “Abu, I still don’t know you, but I love you.” You can surprise younger, hippest grandparents with a personalized beer kit that says, “My mom won’t be the only one with a belly. Congratulations, Abu!”

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