Tips for Quarantine Binge-Watching

Tips for Making the Most of Your Quarantine Binge-Watching

Emily Clark
By Emily Clark

September 7, 2021

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  • You’re stuck in your living room wondering how to proceed further by being quarantined. You might be freaking out over your boredom and thinking of ways to get over it. But let’s face it. Every situation has its solutions, and we are here to help you out with this! If Netflix and chill are indeed in your future, look no further. Here we bring you some of the most interesting tips to make most of your quarantine binge-watching chilling and better. 

    Also, if you’re sort of a full drama and active person, you can hop on searching for the best South Indian movies or Romcom ones on Netflix and it will show you varieties of blockbusters. So, it’s time to bring on some ultimate pleasure and fun at your home. Keep on reading to find out the tips. 

    Start With Most “Challenging” Show

    Since most of us have endured self-quarantine mode for the foreseeable future, there will be no pressure socializing with friends, and no luxury of travel. Instead of this forceful scene, you can now immerse yourself in complex movies full of intricate characters and a rich universe to explore. You can also grab yourself a notebook and scribble down your ideas, to discuss speculations with other fans. You’ll be a qualified expert by the time you’re done.

    Laugh Until It Hurts- Comedy Show

    They say laughter is the best medicine— wait, no, that’s not true. It’s probably not the ideal time to use that overused cliché. The idea is that we’re usually joyful when we laugh unless we’re being tickled against our will. And, since most live entertainment shows are currently unavailable, why not turn to our televisions for some quick endorphins? Put on your favorite stand-up special, rerun that half-hour comedy for the eleventh time, or succumb to the classic sitcom laugh track (even if it makes you grimace, it will make the gags better). You are deserving of a hearty laugh. 

    Face Your Fears- Horror Show

    Everyone is dealing with the symptoms of the coronavirus pandemic differently right now. With most people falling somewhere between- this too shall pass and having daily anxiety attacks, it’s time to face your fears like a boss. Whatever path you choose, remember that facing reality—including seriously messed-up situations like the one we’re all in right now—head-on has power (only if you feel mentally ready, of course). As a result, watching some horror dramas hit extremely close to home may provide some temporary relief.

    Let The Binge Inspire You

    If you admire streaming your favorite shows, try to take out some inspiration from it too to get your creative juices flowing. If you enjoy writing, jot down your thoughts, your own story ideas, a novel, anything that inspires you. You can also try your hand at journaling about the last show you watched. You can doodle and write about your favorite character whom you want to meet someday. The opportunities are versatile. It is just that you must involve yourself in something that inspires you to live your life. 

    It’s equally as crucial to keep an eye on your mental wellness. Distracting oneself from television can be a quick remedy, but don’t forget to look inward from time to time as well. Even performing some deep breathing and walking away from the TV, computer, or phone at regular intervals can make a huge difference.

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